2021 Monthly Recap – September

September was also a good month. There were a few plans that were overlapping, and going back through my posts I can clearly see them.

The first plan was about training for the marathon that was about to take place in October. Not too much time left, just around the corner, so I started to push harder. Of course, I also wrote about that: Run It Forward, Run It Early. It was the most consistent month of running. Loads of podcasts listening during those long hours too.

The second plan was about tech and crypto-currencies, September was a month in which I wrote way more post about these topics combined. From the nostalgic thoughts about the mighty fall of blitz empires, up to the rise of non-fungible tokens, there were quite a few days in which I chose to wrap my mind around these topics.

And the third plan was the social landscape, which kept dissolving into bits and pieces. Hence, the opportunity for creating the stupidity map. Which I even tried to make it into an NFT itself, which sold zero copies. But it was fun.

If I would have to define September in one word, it would be: “propelling”. If I would have to define it in a longer sentence, it would be: “going forward leaps and bounds”.

Photo by Blessing Ri on Unsplash

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