The 6 Stages Of A Toxic Attachment (To Anything, Not Just A Person)

We’re human, so we’re flawed. By design, we go through existence by clinging to various perceptions. That’s how we make sense of the world, stacking clinging on top of clinging, forming identities and then navigating events based on those identities and values. Some of these attachments are “good”, some are “bad”, or toxic. What makes … Read more

The GameStop Takeaway – We’re Already In A Post-Factual World, But We’re Just Entering A “Post-Fundamentals” Economy

GameStop is a retailer which was facing a lot of hurdles because of the Covid-19 pandemic. It was planning to close 450 stores this year. Why would this matter to you? Well, even if you’re not in their target market, and even if you’re not interested in stocks, you should pay attention to this little … Read more

The Schnitzel Effect

I happen to look, physically, better than my age. In fact, every time I tell people my real age, which is 50 at the moment of writing, I am met with disbelief, like I’m trying to play games or making bad jokes. Usually, it takes some time to convince them that this is actually my … Read more

The “New Normal” Is The Old Abnormal, With A Twist

A year ago, having the police storming your place for spending time with your extended family, would have been unconceivable. Only extreme, totalitarian regimes would have resorted to something like this, and probably only in very targeted cases. Now, this is the norm. Like, literally, if you spend time with more than 6 people from … Read more