Going Somewhere

It’s still dark when I wake up here. Winter still keeps the sun down until 8 AM, but I’m usually up an hour before. As I finish my morning routine, I’m dressing up to get out for my daily cup of coffee. Schools and kindergartens are still open, although pretty much every other social venue … Read more

I’m Not A Cat

This pandemic changed our world in ways we would have never imagined before. One of the things that changed dramatically is how we work. Before the pandemic, working remote was some sort of weird thing to do (when it wasn’t “sold” as being a perk, that is) whereas now, it’s pretty much the norm. But … Read more

Unintended Consequences, Convergent Evolution And Stranger Things

The term “unintended consequences” defines outcomes that aren’t visible, or predictable at the moment of an action. They are grouped into three main types: unexpected benefit – like a touch of luck, or serendipity unexpected drawback – when the benefit is tainted by some inconvenient inherent to the solution perverse result – when the result … Read more