Modern Hunters

modern hunters

If you’ve read yesterday’s post, you now know that my morning rituals include a short walk to get a cup of coffee. I do this just to maintain some sort of a schedule scaffold, in this almost 3 weeks long de-facto lockdown that we’re experiencing in Valencia. One of the ways to the coffee shop … Read more

Optimizing Brain Cycles

Do you know what “speed” means when we’re talking about computers? Specifically, about the Mhz/Ghz number before a CPU name, like 3.2Ghz Intel Xeon? If you’re a geek, you obviously do, but if you’re not, you probably imagine is something related to how fast a computer can be at running certain tasks. And, overall, you’d … Read more

The Case For Personal Rituals

Until two weeks ago, my days were almost always starting like this: first, a short stretching session (I call it yoga, but it’s really just stretching), then 15 minutes of guitar practice, and then a short stroll to my coworking office, where I would also have my desayuno (double espresso and a custom-made tostada). After … Read more