Free Falling

free falling

Today didn’t start spectacularly, but it may end so. For the last few weeks I’ve been in between worlds, with one end of the old world disappearing (relentlessly helped by me, finishing commitments one after the other), and the other end, of the new, emerging world, not yet appearing, stubbornly staying elusive, uncatchable. In simpler … Read more

What You See Is NOT What You Get

what you see is not what you get

In media, that is, only in media. Both in traditional media (sometimes abbreviated as MSM, Mainstream Media) and social media. They are both reality distortion techniques which are greatly affecting our ability to perceive what is, and to act accordingly. The reason for this is what I call “commodification of attention”. Sometimes between the peak … Read more



At some point in my life, I ran a coworking business. Part of it consisted in renting the venue for events. You may be surprised, but a coworking business usually gets more than 30% of its income from events, sometimes up to 50%. One day, I received a request for quote for quite a big … Read more

A Flea Market

a flea market

Right in front of the coffee shop I’m working these days there’s a flea market. It runs only twice a week, so I had no idea how it looks, until today – because today is one of those two days a week when it’s allowed, and, on top of that, those Covid restrictions which canceled … Read more