Financial Resilience – The Hard Way versus The “Easy” Way

Almost every financially resilient person I’ve met went through a traumatic personal or financial event before becoming financially resilient. It was either the loss of someone that provided, or a drastic change in financial conditions: bankruptcy, job loss and alike. This traumatic event ignited a series of changes, of behavior alterations that eventually led not … Read more

How To Start A Religion – Covid-19 Apostles and Bitcoin Maximalists

In a famous discourse, a Commencement Address at Caltech in 1974, Richard Feynman mentioned a phenomenon known as “cargo cults”. During WW2, a few small island populations in the Southern Pacific witnessed an unusual situation: airplanes landed from the sky, bringing with them food, strange, magical tech and precious stuff. The cultural gap was big … Read more

Incremental Growth versus Sudden Leaps

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about various growth patterns. And by “growth” I mean “improvement”, or better adaptation to the current context, along with an increased capacity of reaching one’s goals. Of all the patterns, I thought to write today about the most popular two: incremental growth versus sudden (lucky?) leaps (most popular in … Read more

A Little Bit Of Rest

I have a really hard time resting. When I get into “work mode” I summon all the resources available in the moment and keep pushing forward. Obviously, it’s not unusual that I very often have to face a hard reset – either voluntary, or involuntary. There is probably more than one cause for this behavior. … Read more

There Are Idiots At Both Ends Of The Spectrum

First of all, apologies for the strong word “idiots”. I mean it. Probably a more accurate description would be “confused people”. It’s not like they are intending to be idiots, but, unfortunately, that’s the effect of their behavior: they get to be perceived and further identified as idiots. Now that we all agree the word … Read more