When Stealing Is Forced Into Legality


I was thinking about writing something else this evening, when my attention was hijacked by a Twitter post. If you’re too lazy to click on it, I’ll give you the TLDR: San Francisco has decriminalized petty theft, so if you steal less than $900 in value, police can’t stop you. So literally people are stealing … Read more

The Time To Grow


If you put a seed in the ground, and you check it out the next day, there’s nothing there. If you look at it after two days, same, nothing yet. Third day, nada. Depending on the seed, you may see a tiny sprout only in about a week, or sometimes even after a month. This … Read more

Location Independence Versus Digital Nomads – 3 Key Differences

About 10 years ago I became what is now known as a digital nomad. About 3 years ago I became location independent. While both approaches are fulfilling and obviously more enjoyable than a fixed life, there are some significant differences between them. Let’t take them one at a time. Working From Anywhere Versus Being Able … Read more

Bits And Pieces

bits and pieces

When was the last time you used a computer? Wait, you’re using a computing device right now, aren’t you? Of course you do, you’re reading something on it. Maybe in the background you have some music playing, and maybe you have some other tasks in the lingering around, like sending an email, finishing a report, … Read more

The Theory Of Truth

the theory of truth

One year ago, if you would say that Covid-19 was artificial, man-made and leaked from a laboratory in China, you would have been labelled as a conspiracist. A “theory of conspiracy” supporter. Well, reality has this weird habit of contradicting our labels. It so happens that today, as opposed to one year ago, a lot … Read more

Modern Dragon Slayers


Sometimes, during the Middle Ages, the inhabitants of a small village would wake up in the morning seeing their crops burned to the ground. Some stranger then would come in the village big square and tell that the crops were burned by a giant dragon, with huge wings, spitting fire. For a certain fee, or … Read more