Information Inflation Equals Truth Deflation

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In an interesting discussion online, Yuval Noah Harari brings up one of the most subtle changes in recent human history. Namely, the increase in information processing as a result of technological advances. Mass media, and, more recently, the internet, increased hundreds of times, if not by thousands, the amount of information that it’s produced, and … Read more

It’s Not A Question Of Black And White

In the last few weeks I advised a couple of friends about switching countries. They were making their first steps towards location independence. The conversations were very pragmatic, they were looking after specific, technical information, like what type of fiscal residence it would be more suitable, or what health coverage you get under certain setups, … Read more

First Thing In The Morning

Have you ever had a day that unfolded seamlessly, almost without any effort from your part? Like, you know, everything clicked into places, you arrived on time where you had to arrive, your coffee was just as hot as it needed to be and you finished each and every task you wanted to finish, just … Read more