Speed Is A Function Of Fuel

Today could have been a bad day. But it wasn’t. It started as usual, but with a slight fatigue (I didn’t sleep quite well, so got up a bit tired). Because of that, I decided to take a shorter route to the work place (which is, as always, a coffee shop). After I got there, … Read more

Time Off Is Actually Time On

Although today started rather joyfully, and I even took a different route to work, enjoying one of the many breathtaking vistas of Lisbon, it somehow rolled into a bit of a drag. As the day progressed, a combination of extra work and accumulated fatigue, spiced with my insistence to finish as much as I could, … Read more

Six Months Of Writing Every Day – Checkpoint Six Of The 365 Days Writing Challenge

Today I accomplish 6 months of publishing an article every day on this blog. Technically, it’s not “writing every day”, but more like “publishing every day”, because, especially in the beginning of this challenge, I was also scheduling articles in advance, for two, three days. Nevertheless, it hasn’t been one day without a new article … Read more