The Rise Of Continuous Conflict Age

“Anti-vaxxers” versus “science believers”. Oppressed people versus eternal oppressors. Left versus right. Everything and anything these days looks like a continuous conflict. Somehow, we ended up in a tiring, toxic and seemingly perpetual conflict age. Communication slipped from transmitting information across various mediums to becoming a vector of power. I don’t communicate to transmit information … Read more

Documentary Review: Fantastic Fungi

The only podcast I’m listening to these days is Tim Ferris Show. I usually put it on while running, it has a decent balance of information and humor without being too demanding in terms of attention. In the last episode, Tim talked to a lady expert in “mycology” (I didn’t even know such a thing … Read more

Artificial Intelligence, Microscopes And Your Next Monday Double Espresso

We, humans, have a very limited hardware setup. Our sensors are not able to perceive a whole range of data. For instance, we cannot see in infrared, or X-Rays. We cannot hear ultrasounds. We cannot see past microns, or beyond the solar system. But we are very inventive. Our capacity to create external tools for … Read more

Basic Risk Reward Analysis

Every action you undertake carries a risk. No matter how small, how insignificant, how predictable or how accustomed you are with that action. There’s always something to gain and something to lose. Because we are attached to a smooth way of living, we tend to ignore, or downplay, our risk reward analysis. We don’t stop … Read more

Why Do We Sleep?

It’s pitch dark, I’m not even conscious, and then, from a distance, I hear the sound of my phone alarm. I slowly open my eyes and I realize I was asleep, it’s morning already, and I have to wake up. I reach for my phone, stop the alarm, and then unplug the device. Like me, … Read more