Context Descriptors

Everything happens in a certain context. When we refer to “what happens” we usually refer to the actual actions that are taking place, ignoring the context. And yet, context is fundamental. Lately I found it so important, that if someone asks me if something, anything, is possible, my answer is always “It depends”, no matter … Read more

You’re NGMI

If you’re a Gen Z, you probably knew exactly what the title is about, in the first millisecond after reading it. If you’re a millenial, you probably Googled it instantly, and in about 2 seconds you knew exactly what it means. If you’re a Gen X, you probably asked around on social media, and, in … Read more

Days Of August

Last year, this time around I was finishing Camino de Santiago (Camino de Sanabres), after 11 days and 380 km of walking. Most of these days were in the scorching hot plains of deep Spain, in Castilla Y Leon, and the rest in the rainy and foggy mountains of Galicia. All of these days, though, … Read more