low risk, low reward, high risk, high reward

The above acronym, as weird as it sounds, means in fact something very simple. LRLR = Low Risk, Low Reward HRHR = High Risk, High Reward Needless to say, both represent strategies. The surprising part is that they’re not necessarily investment strategies, but overall strategies. Let me explain. For simplicity, we’ll start with the investment … Read more

Scripted And Unscripted Realities

There’s a movie shooting outside the coffee shop I work from these days. Just across the street from the coffee shop there’s a park, and somewhere on the right there’s a relatively large open space used for weekly flea markets. In that space there’s now a filming setup. Catering cars, electric material, some lightning devices … Read more

The Damage Control Guy

Sidewalks of Lisbon are one of a kind. They’re all made of small white rocks, gently pounded into the ground and making for a more or less uneven surface. In between these irregular rocks, there’s something white as well, I suspect it’s limestone dust, or something like that. The problem with that white space between … Read more