The Danger Of “I Made It!”

I made it

You set up an ambitious goal. You work hard for it. You overcome obstacles, and, eventually, you reach it. Maybe it’s something career-related: the job, or the position of your dream. A corner office, maybe? Or maybe it’s about a personal goal: finishing a marathon, or an ultra-marathon. Losing 30k of weight, maybe? Or maybe … Read more

New Beginnings Are Important, But Honest Endings Are Importanter

First of all, the title is piggy-backing on a popular meme, I speak English long enough to know when to say “more important”, so don’t even bother correcting me. Second, this is true. I mean, the title. New beginnings are fundamental, but they can’t exist outside honest endings. Let me tell you a story about … Read more

Healthy And Unhealthy Routines

You know how fond I am of personal rituals. I find them fundamental for a balanced state. But just because it’s a ritual, and just because it’s personal, this doesn’t automatically makes it healthy. There are healthy and unhealthy routines, and since they are both, you know, routines, they can both be consumed and perceived … Read more

Why Programmable Money In A Slow Delegating Society Is A Bad Idea

Bitcoin paved the way towards money outside the traditional minting processes. It’s for the first time in a long time when governments are losing their grip on money. Up until now, printing “money” was the delegated privilege of the ruling structures. This decoupling is obviously creating disturbances, and the powers are reacting. On top of … Read more