Fear Is The Mind Killer

fear is the mind killer

When I read Dune for the first time, more than 20 years ago, I was experiencing pure bliss. I’ve never read until then (and probably not after either) something so powerful and addictive. I remember that there were chapters that I was visualizing, actually seeing in front of my eyes, not barely reading. It was … Read more

Movie Review: The Wheel Of Time

I must be the last person on Earth who didn’t watch Game of Thrones. Just reading that again, and I realized it will look great on a teeshirt. I might actually make one someday. So, that tells you how much I’m into fantasy series. Not to be confused with science-fiction, of which I am quite … Read more

The Limitations Of DAOs

Yesterday’s article about countries versus DAOs sparked a bit of interest. I got a couple of interesting reactions via email (yeah, I have a bi-yearly newsletter, meaning I sent it when I remember). As I was answering to them, I realized there’s a direction which I didn’t explore on this topic. Namely, what’s happening if … Read more

Missed Opportunities

I love the word “serendipitous”. It means, according to the Oxford dictionary: “occurring or discovered by chance in a happy or beneficial way“. It’s like a strike of luck, only gracious. I love not only the word, but also what it designates, that gracious strike of luck itself. I love that magic space around it, … Read more