3 Ebooks To Read This Summer

When you summon the power to move on, to continue on your path, to just not quit, magic things are happening. Almost 2 years ago I didn’t even imagined that I would come to know so many interesting persons through blogging. Today, I think I have a close blogging friend in every country I would like to travel to. At least. For instance. I personally know all the authors presented in this article. Many of them are blogging buddies, met through social media. Today is a day when I gladly take the time to celebrate some of their achievements.

Upgrade Reality – by Dirk de Bruin (Diggy)

I met Diggy online 2 years ago. Just like me, he just started to blog and I was simply stunned when he told me he was only 23. It certainly didn’t sound like a 23 years old to me. I started to follow his blog and we quickly become friends.

Last week he launched his first ebook, called . He also nick-named the ebook: “The no-nonsense guide to overcoming personal obstacles and getting the life of your dreams.” 🙂 We’re dealing with 122 pages in which he’s talking about: achievement and success, productivity, confidence and self-esteem, business, body and mind, people and relationships. And many more.

The ebook is easy to read but it’s not an easy ebook. This is just a short part that got my attention:

“The point of this book was not so much to give you solutions for specific problems rather than to give you an awareness and a sense of consciousness that it is possible to overcome anything and achieve your goals.”

If I would have to share in a single paragraph what I got from this book, it would go like this: a fresh and honest perspective on self-improvement. I wonder how many of us would write a self-improvement ebook at 25. How many of us would be ready to share their frustrations – and the corresponding breakthroughs based on those frustrations at this age? Even if it would be only for that, I would recommend giving Diggy’s book a try.

It’s available for 27 USD by clicking .

Follow Diggy on Twitter: @UpgradeReality or visit his blog: http://www.upgradereality.com.

The Personal Excellence Ebook – by Celestine Chua

I met Celes about the same time I met Diggy. To be honest, one of the most intriguing part about those two people was their geographical location: Diggy is from South Africa and Celes from Singapore. And yet, despite this huge distance that separates us (I’m from Romania, by the way) we still found a lot of common ground.

Celes launched her first product too a week ago: The Personal Excellence Book – with a name obviously coming from The Personal Excellence Blog, the brand name of Celestine outlet. It’s not an ebook. It’s a compendium. I think it’s the biggest ebook I have ever seen. More than 800 pages of self-improvement content. Most of this content is based on previously published articles at Celes’ blog, but I don’t see how this could be a problem. On the contrary.

If you just want to get a glimpse of what’s inside, here are the main sections: Purpose and Meanindg, Awareness and Growth, Passion and Dreams, Goals and Success, Emotional Mastery, People and Relationships, Maximizing Productivity. An interesting part is the one that contains inspirational quotes.

Main impression: a very powerful feeling of ambition and persistence. Beyond the regular articles (which are way above the average, rest assured about that), this ebook gave me a very strong vibration of determination. I think the main benefit of this ebook would be exactly this: a personal example of personal power and self-discipline.

The Personal Excellence Ebook is available for 24.95 USD by clicking here.

Follow Celestine Chua on Twitter: @CelestineChua or visit her blog: http://www.personalexcellence.co.

Evernote Essentials – by Brett Kelly

Back in the golden age of GTD, Brett Kelly was one of the distinct voices. I remember that his blog was one of the first I read on the topic. Time passed by and GTD is no longer an option for me. Instead, I created my own productivity system, called Assess – Decide – Do (and in case you wonder, yes, there’s an app for that). But I kept an eye on Brett’s work, keeping in touch via Twitter.

A few weeks ago he launched his first ebook, called Evernote Essentials. If you don’t know what Evernote is, I’ll let you know briefly that Evernote tries to become the Swiss Army knife of productivity. It’s a collecting, processing and storage tool. An all-in-one pack that really works. I’m a constant user myself so I just couldn’t miss Brett’s view on this one.

This would be a completely different read, but hopefully in a very balanced way. If you’re a long time user of Evernote, you will surely find some hidden gems. If you’re using Evernote for the first time, you will spend at least a few full days only exploring the possibilities. All in all, it’s an 80 pages geeky (and relaxing at the same time, in a surprising way) read.

The ebook is available for 25 USD by clicking here.

Follow Brett Kelly on Tiwtter: @inkedmn or visit his blog: http://nerdgap.com.

2 Free Bonuses

I know I told you about 3 ebooks, but I thought to give you some pointers for another 2 additional resources, from 2 of the very well respected bloggers I know. Those 2 are completely free, by the way.

How To Get 10.000 Subscribers To Your Blog – by Steven Aitchison

This is the first attempt of Steven to create a product in direct relationship with his readers expectations. The ebook is the result of a poll Steven ran on his blog, in which he asked his readers what were the topics they want him to write on. He gave at least 7 different choices but apparently the vast majority of people picked this one.

I think the title says it all, so if you’re a blogger, or you just fantasize about how to be a blogger, grab it, read it and don’t forget to breathe. You can thank me later.

The ebook it’s available for free at Steven’s blog: 10000 Subscribers.

Follow Steven on Twitter: @StevenAitchison or read his blog: http://www.StevenAitchison.co.uk/blog.

Binaural Basics – by Carl Harvey

I’m a long term fan of binaural beats, but only recently I started to use them on a constant basis. I also realized I was a little bit behind because there were some newcomers to the party since I didn’t touch base with this area. Iso-chronic files, for instance, were something completely new to me. So, I felt the need to update my background a bit and the most interesting resource that came to my attention was Carl Harvey’s blog binauralbeatsgeek.com.

You can get this ebook completely free if you just sign up for his newsletter (which, to be honest, it’s an incredible resource in itself, if you’re interested about this). Just go to http://www.binauralbeatsgeek.com, find the newsletter form and sign up. You get a 80 pages ebook giving you a very detailed description of various types of brainwave tones, of the scientific research on which they are based and the major differences between different types (iso-chronic versus binaural or monoaural).

Either you plan to deepen you knowledge (or practice, why not) on this fascinating field, Carl’s free ebook is a very useful resource.

Follow Carl Harvey on Twitter: @pdplanet or read his blog: http://www.binauralbeatgeek.com.

16 thoughts on “3 Ebooks To Read This Summer”

  1. Thanks for the post Dragos! I just picked up Steven’s book… some great ideas I don’t think I would’ve found otherwise!

  2. Hi Dragos,
    Thanks for the great info. I did read Steve Aitchison’s e-book and recommend it also… it is clear, concise and very useful.

  3. Hey Dragos

    Echoing the sentiments above, thanks for including me in your (esteemed!) list!

    I’ve got Diggy’s ebook (awesome) and Steve’s as well – also excellent. Will look into the others. Hope lots of your readers like my free ebook – close to 1000 downloads so would be super-sweet if you guys interested in exploring your consciousness tip me over that point!

    Boom. Thanks again dude – great stuff.

    • Glad to have you on board. Your ebook is a great starting point, it was really helpful to get me back in sync with this stuff. 🙂

  4. Hey Dragos, thanks a lot for the wonderful review on The Personal Excellence Book :D. I believe your readers will love the book since it covers on many topics surrounding conscious living that you write about here and strike a chord with dragosroua readers. If anyone has any questions about the book, feel free to let me know here and I’ll be happy to answer them 🙂


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