30 Days Exercising Challenge – Day 4

Woke up at 6 AM, in pretty good shape. My weight was weight 93.7. I’m starting to feel a little bit bored about this weight stuff, as I know it can be really misleading. You can have a huge amount of fat and hence be obese, or you can have a pretty important muscular mass, without being obese, of course. I know that muscle weights a little more than fat, so measuring weight alone can be misleading. I will do my best to find a way to check out my body fat, because I think I’m decreasing in fat and increasing in muscle at the same time, hence my overall weight is remaining the same. But without a body fat checker this is only a feeling.

Morning Workout

6 surya namaskara
1 rep 15 pushups
1 rep 30 abs
1 rep 15 pushups

18 minutes on the stepper

closing with another rep of 15 pushups

Heart rate at 135-138 almost never reached 140, so I guess my body adapted pretty fast. I will continue to increase the stepper time 1 minute per day until I will reach 30 minutes per session.

Total exercising time: 25 minutes.

Afternoon Workout

2 reps 30 abs
3 reps 15 pushups

18 minutes on the stepper (heart rate constantly at 139-140).

Total exercising time: 30 minutes.

Grand Totals

Total exercises:

90 pushups
90 abs
36 minutes on the stepper

Total exercising time: 55 minutes.

Things are shaping pretty well, although I do have a little bit of difficulty waking up in the morning. Today I woke up at 6 AM, but find it difficult to exercise. It was like my body begged me to make a pause. But more on that on tomorrow’s post, when today will be completely finished.

As usual, feel free to post your comments on your own exercising routine, if you’re doing one.

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  1. Ola brother, yes, I bet it was a surprise to see mz post here, mind you it was a surprise for me too, one of those rare moments when I actually got some time for myself and liked the subject, as it has been nagging me for a while. Now, when it comes to the challenge, that rare moment didn’t last much, whic made it that my exercise routine is only fitness(body building actually) on Monday at the office, plus walk to and back from the office every day. For the next week or so it’s going to be even more difficult as I am travelling again, I’m in Manila, Philippines now for a regional meeting, back home next friday. It’s been already difficult with the jet leg and all. good thing is the hotel has a fitness centre and a swimmig pool, I’ll try to squeeze in exercise time.
    PS. appreciate all comments above, these seem to be very informed people. I also cam about a site where you can measure what you eat and more: http://www.fitday.com. It is for US only, but I got a profile using a friend’s address…
    good luck

  2. I use a simple bodyfat caliper from http://www.accumeasurefitness.com and it’s doing great. The 1 spot measurement is pretty accurate if you want to track the increase/decrease. I compared the 1 spot result (was 12.7% from the statistics table) with a 7 spot measure (was 12.5%). The caliper is a nice and simple way of tracking the change in bodyfat by yourself. For the 7 spot measure you need another person do the pinching…

    Earlier I was really focused on my overall weight, but that was in a phase when I wanted to just loose weight. Now I don’t care much about my weight, but I track the bodyfat percentage in a spreadsheet too and look at my body composition. It’s harder to tell while looking in the mirror, that’s why you have to keep track of the actual change in bodyfat with a caliper.
    .-= Carsten´s last blog ..Zurück zu PITT =-.

  3. Great work and keep it up. Andrew offers some smart advice.

    I need to get into exercising consistently again big time. You doing this is inspiring and it’s making me think of other ideas that are totally unrelated to working out. cool huh?
    .-= scott webb´s last blog ..Photoblogs and The Roadblocks to Becoming a Photography Small Business =-.

  4. If your body is telling you to take a break, take a break – you probably won’t exercise to your full potential anyway. Remember that cardio exercise boosts your metabolic rate for 24 hours and weights can give a boost which lasts 48 hours.

  5. 😀 Nice to see that you start to feel the need to track you fat as well.

    Do keep in mind that is possible to at the same body mass with only little change to your body fat. I track my body composition regularly for a bit over a year now http://tr.im/mwVM .

    Especially at the beginning it is essential to track your caloric intake as well. Remember that hunger is only a sensation and has little to no information value when it comes to eating the needed amount of food that is needed for a specific result.

    Now, it is uncommon that your body mass does not vary at all for 4-5 days. It might be also linked to the scales accuracy. I did not mention this in my previous comments, but the measurements are best taken in the morning, ~15 minutes after you weak up and you should not have any liquid or food intake before you make them.

    How is the reading going?
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