30 Sentences For A Millionaire Mindset – part three

Welcome to the third part of the series about 30 sentences for a millionaire mindset. If you came here by chance, I highly recommend to read the first two parts first.

But, to be honest, those two parts are not mandatory, as none of the sentences here is. You can, and you should, do this in your own way. I’m just sharing my way of creating a mindset that proved to attract money and wealth in exchange for the value I created. So, let’s get started with the last 10:

21. Promote your created value

If you have created something valuable, don’t be shy about it. Never. Even if other people will call you an obsessed freak, go ahead and promote your dream. You will eventually reach the people you want to reach, and those who rejected you will forget about you. This goes for your friends, employees or potential clients: just let them know you have something valuable to offer. If you wait for them to come to you, they will eventually come, but, from my experience, it might be a little late. So, make the first step.

22. Don’t complain, create

If you are in need of something, and you don’t have it, do it yourself. Always. Just a very short story from my personal experience: when I decided to sell the online business, the Romanian online market didn’t have an independent traffic measurement system. And that would have been a serious roadblock in my intentions of selling the company. Because the metrics used for the company performance were poor, or manipulated by other players. So, I decided to involve myself in this, made a personal goal out of creating an independent online measurement system, and I actually worked for almost 2 years with the official NGO that made the measurements for print. During this period we started to establish, create, and promote an independent online traffic measurement system in Romania. Right now, the system, called SATI, is in place and is accepted by the entire market. Which is, in itself, a success. I could have easily complained about the lack of this system and expect for somebody else to do it. I just didn’t.

23. Do it your own way

There are thousands of ways to start and continue a business. Do it your own way, don’t try to copy. There’s a reason why you are like you are. Unique and different. It’s what makes you different that most of   the time provides value. Find you own way to express and provide value, and do it consistently. It’s difficult to do this, because you have only the other people success stories, and you’re not so confident about your own way. But try to remember that copycats are only getting copycats money.

24. Don’t refuse learning

Actually, try to incorporate as many skills as you can into your skill vault. For example, my astrological experience made me avoid some very annoying circumstances as well as going on some very interesting opportunities. There were times when I actually delayed the signing of some contracts because some bad astrological configurations – including the selling of my company assets – and I was right. So, keep learning and integrate, it can only help you.

25. Wake up early

That certainly seems to be against sentence no. 19: “Get plenty of sleep”, but again, it isn’t. Waking up early is a beautiful way to prepare your start. I always felt some sort of hidden advantage on my side every time I had business meetings in the morning and the other guy was just so sleepy that he could barely speak. But it’s not only about that, it’s about waking up early on your opportunities bells and on your intuition hints. Those are very precious assets and trying to always be the first in front of them is so rewarding.

26. Travel a lot

Traveling is expanding your mind and making you understand more of your familiar environment. If possible, try to travel as often as you can. Most of my lucky business ideas emerged while I was away from office, traveling or relaxing “somewhere else”.

27. Allow yourself to just play

From time to time. Just free yourself for the burden of such a big goal, and play. With your kids, with your wife or just with play games. I often found myself relieved and relaxed after only half an hour of playing with my little daughter, or just losing myself in a simple strategy game. Maybe you’ll realize that there is not such a big difference between the game and the reality.

28. If you feel something is wrong, just walk away

Walk away from a business partnership, from a fishy business, from a bad environment. That basically means to give proper credit to your intuition. There will be times when you will just “feel something is wrong” without defining it. Just follow those flashes and walk away. It might be difficult, and you may feel that you’ll lose something if you walk away. Believe me, you’ll lose much more if you stay in a bad partnership.

29. Money doesn’t solve problems, people solve problems

This is fundamental. Having more money will not make you happier. You’ll just have more money, that’s all that will happen. If you have personal problems, don’t stash it on the money and expect to vanish when you’re rich. Most of the time, people problems have nothing to do with money. You are the only person who can make yourself happier. Not even a million dollars.

30. Never give up

By far the easiest to write and the most difficult to follow. Allow yourself to lose a battle now and then, but don’t give up. Never give up.

Well, that was that. Feel free to comment on those or add your own sentence for a millionaire mindset.

Later edit: Now you can get the ebook based on this blog post:

8 thoughts on “30 Sentences For A Millionaire Mindset – part three”

  1. This a great article. I enjoyed it very much. The depression part is something I can relate to very much.

    Right now my goal is to earn my first million by the time I turn 30, and I’ve started a blog to document my progress. Just by writing, I’m able to get out my thoughts and feelings, and look at problems from a different perspective. It helps, a lot.

    I wish you the best of luck with your future business ventures.


  2. Hi there, and thanks for your nice words.

    Remember it is not the millionaire part that is important, a million is just a number, but what you want to do with a millionaire mindset…

  3. Hi, Dragos:
    I really enjoyed reading your 3-part post, & am certainly impressed by your personal philosophy on embracing the millionaire mindset. I have to say that very rare do I come across someone who looks at it so differently & pragmatically.
    Best wishes & kind regards, Say Keng

  4. Hi Dragos,

    Great post again – excellent practical insights.

    Stephen Covey is great – a must read! It is so interesting that all the guys who are currently successful share the similar thoughts 🙂 I am not sure if this link was shared here – it’s about a guy who spent more than a decade researching the lessons of success – and distilling them into 8 words, in a 3 minutes video:



  5. I’m reading Stephen Covey right now and I must admit I’m quite surprised. It’s deeper than I expected. As for Miguel Ruiz, he is truly a master, and those 4 commitments were such a helping hand for me several years ago. And I still have them deep inside me 🙂

  6. A plug for everybody here, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey and of course, “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz.
    You will find mastery of life easier with a mentor,,,


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