33 Ways To Overcome Frustration

I have a huge experience with frustration. I experienced it in so many ways, at so many times in my life, that I feel like I’m some kind of a specialist. If you wonder why I have this huge expertise, here’s the answer: growth never happens without it. The more you are able to harvest, resolve and overcome frustration, the more growth you’re experiencing. Avoiding it, hiding from it, deluding the game, none of these strategies will make you a better human being. On the contrary.

What follows is a list of tools and approaches I used to solve my own frustration and limitation episodes.

1. Accept Reality

Yes, something bad happened. Don’t spend your day imagining how beautiful life could be if it wasn’t for that stupid incident or mistake. This is it. It is frustrating, no doubt about it, but rejecting this reality will not lower the frustration, on the contrary, will make it stronger and stronger. Accept reality.

2. Shift Your Focus

It’s so easy to get caught in a spiral of anger and despair when you’re frustrated, and I know that first hand. Shift your focus by engaging in small but demanding activities. Get involved. Do take the necessary steps to get over the frustrating situation, but do not ignore everything else around you.

3. Talk About It With A Friend

Find somebody you trust and talk about it. Let it out. Don’t let it grow inside yourself until you explode. Most of the time, when you reach this point, it’s too late to make a meaningful change that will restore your reality. Let your worries and your tension fly. After all, this is what friends are for, right?

4. Journal It

If you don’t keep a journal, start now. Write down all your fears, all your sensations and describe them in great detail. Do it until you feel you can’t do it no more. You’re going to feel incredibly better. Writing has this side effect of lowering what you write about, making it more manageable. Just try it.

5. Write A Letter About It

Imagine you’re on a desert island. Sit down and write a letter to somebody who could potentially rescue you. Be verbose. Imagine how your life will be after you leave that desert island. Because if you can’t describe that, you will never leave the island. Then destroy the letter.

6. Write A Worse Case Scenario

What is the worst thing that may happen to you right now? List everything from physical loss to emotional imbalances. Try to foresee every little detail of a worst case scenario. What life will you live if everything will turn out as bad as possible? Then read it. It won’t look as bad as you thought.

7. Identify A List Of Possible Actions

What exactly will make the situation acceptable again? What are the things that you could actually do to improve your current status? Make a list. Try to identify every possible action, as improbable as it may seem, and put it on the list. At the end of this, you’ll feel much better: you have work to do.

8. Sleep Over It

Most of your unconscious life happens while you’re asleep. Try to go to bed with a clear thought of resolution. Don’t try to find a solution, just prepare yourself for getting out of that frustrating circle. During the night your unconscious mind will find resources to make you stronger.

9. Be Your Own Avatar

Try to look at yourself from “the outside”. Write on a piece of paper what an observer would see at you. How do you behave? How do you talk, how do you act? The more you’ll do this exercise, the more you’ll differentiate yourself from the frustrating persona and take control over it at the same time.

10. Read Something Funny

This will not solve your problem, most of the time it will only switch your focus to something else, giving you a temporary break. Do not mistake this technique with avoidance, just use it as a chillout session, then get back on track and solve whatever you have to solve.

11. Stop Blaming Yourself

Maybe you did something really wrong, and your current situation is the result of that mistake. Take responsibility but don’t blame yourself. It’s all in the past. You’re in the present now and you can do something about it. Blame will only put weight on that past and drag you down. Avoid it at all cost.

12. Take A Walk

Even on the wild side, if you like the wild side, but do take a walk. The mere action of moving will set you up for action and hopefully will make your mind a little clearer. Walking always helps me put my thoughts in order and let off the steam a little bit. And it’s free of charge, you know?

13. See It From The Future

This one goes hand in hand with number 6. Try to describe your current situation and look at it from the future. 1 year from now, your problem will be as  big as it is right now? How about 5 years? Or 10 years? Putting your frustration in a larger context will usually weaken it or at least make it manageable.

14. Cook A Delicious Meal

As simple and mundane as it may seem, cooking is an art. And every time you perform some sort of an art, you’ll see the world through your intuitive mind. You’ll summon your way out of frustration rather than find it through logical inference. And cooking is the cheapest – and tastiest – art one can afford.

15. Go To A Party

Not to be abused and transformed into some sort of escapism but extremely useful to lower your shirtiness. Go out, mingle and see if you can wipe out your frown from your face. You can get back to your problems later, when your body and mind will be more balanced. After the hangover, of course.

16. Write About Your Past Successes

You don’t have to keep a journal for it, you can just sit down at a table and remember all your breakthroughs. Or only the most important ones. Seeing yourself succeeding will definitely weaken that burden you still carry and help you overcome frustration faster.

17. Borrow Some Enthusiasm

Stay around energetic people or get involved in active projects. Choose to be part of something that exhales a lot of energy. Get involved in fresh projects. Being around enthusiastic people will lower the frustration to the point where it can actually become manageable. And it will make you just feel better.

18. Soak and Dry

Let it flow through you until you’re completely overloaded. Just be sure not to do something during this stage. Isolate from the world and allow yourself to be frustrated. Then slowly wait for the frustration to dry out. Sometimes, this “all you can eat” approach is the only way to deal with it in a healthy way.

19. Go Watch A Comedy

As an alternative to number 10, “Read Something Funny”. Giving yourself permission to laugh will lower your anger and hopefully will make things easier to handle. Also, seeing people in strangely hilarious situations will make your own frustration seem awkward. Through a good laugh at it.

20. Attack It With The “Why?” Weapon

Another writing exercise, in which you start to find the root cause of your frustration by asking “why?” questions. “Why am I broke?” – Because I spent too much. “Why did I spent too much” – Because I’m feeling insecure. “Why?…” You got the idea. At some point, something will click inside.

21. Volunteer For Something

Frustration is closely related to your ego, or the part of your being that is concerned with those big phrases starting with “Me…”. If you volunteer to do work for somebody else, you’ll stop feeding your ego with energy. The weaker that part gets, the stronger your authentic and powerful part will be.

22. Stand Up And Fight

Be a soldier. Give yourself orders and follow them. Instill some rough and unquestionable discipline in your life. Get up early in the morning, do your work as if you’re on a battle field and then go to sleep. Repeat until your problems become just situations you can solve by following an easy sequence of new orders.

23. Stop Blaming Others

Similar to number 11, only this time your attitude will turn towards other people, in a desperate attempt to avoid feeling hurt. Just stop it. Although it may seem like a relief, blaming others it’s just a temporary hack, it won’t last. In 99% of the situations, what we experience is the direct result of our own actions.

24. Do Small, Repetitive Tasks

Borrow the behavior of a machine. Do those tiny little things you avoided so much because they seemed so boring. Now it’s the best time to start working on them. Slicing your time and focus will dissolve the pressure. Frustration will slowly dilute in this sea of tiny, repetitive tasks.

25. See It From The Past

Alternative to number 13, looking at your own frustration from the past will color it in a new, fresher light.  Most of the time, the feeling triggered by this perspective is: “I’ve been through though times before, I can get over this”. And this is more often than you think true: we have a huge life experience, we just don’t trust it enough.

26. Read Similar Stories

You’re not alone. And even if you find it difficult to talk to other people you can always do this by yourself: just scorch the Internet using descriptive keyphrases about your own frustration. You’ll discover that you’re not alone. Somebody else have been there too. And now he’s so over it.

27. Assess Progress

Every second of your life changes something. Look for the small steps you’re doing and assess them. The first item on this assessment list may be: “I’m starting to assess my progress and this is in itself a huge step forward”. The more you write, the bigger your progress will seem.

28. Disguise It

Put a mask on it, make it look like something else: “I’m feeling frustration right now, but this is a mask for…” and replace with whatever quality you want to build: discipline, personal power, endurance. Transform it. I usually use the caterpillar – butterfly image: it’s bad now but look what it can become.

29. Contrast It With A Worse Situation

Try to identify a related situation but with a significantly higher degree of damage. If you’re in debt, imagine how it will be to be bankrupt. If you’re having a relationship hickup, try to imagine how it would be to live on a desert island for the rest of your life. Be grateful for what you experience, because it can be worse.

30. Dilute It With Meditation

I don’t preach meditation as an all-in-one cure, but from my personal experience, it does help. Meditation will not only shift your focus from your current situation, but it will also clean your thoughts and help your body regain a subtle energetic balance. Remember you’ll still have to take action, meditation will only dilute it.

31. Get Physical

Start an aggressive exercising routine. Getting physical will make it easier to embrace action and to do it with vigor and determination. A side effect of exercising is the “endorphin effect”: the induction of a well-being state generated by your own body.

32. This Too Shall Pass

Impermanence is at the core of our human nature, is our curse and escape: we’re prisoners of time and everything we experience is bound to it. Laughter and sadness, joy and depression, everything will fade away in time. The same will happen to this frustrating period too: it will pass.

33. Write A List Of 33 Ways To Overcome Frustration

This is an incredible exercise. As funny as it may seem in this context, it’s actually a very powerful standalone approach. Just sit back and try to imagine 33 ways to get over your current frustration. I bet that around number 20 your problem will seem smaller than you thought it was. 🙂

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  1. I was very pleased to read this article, really helped me a lot. I am going through a bad phase in my life, and this really helped. Thank you, may God always bless you.

  2. Wow, thank you very much for making this list. It’s simple, but very VERY helpful.
    You sir positively contributed to the Internet 🙂

  3. Attention please….
    First….i know about the list above 33 numbers…..i know if i do that….i will feel relaxed….i know if do this this and this i will come out of frustration…
    I know this answer of “why” qustion…verry well…
    In last the problem is I dont know how i can act……how i apply ths list….how i can make me force to stop things which i hav to stop must………

  4. Thanks alot sir for this blog,it is really helpful and it was a pleasure to search this on internet…..

    Once again,thanks alot…. 🙂

  5. Your tips helped to an extent. When I tried the “Tell a Friend” part, the friend turned me down. Now I’ve defeated the frustration but I’ve come to realize that it’s just me, no one cares. I’ll just have to push it alone and not give a fuck about anyone. At least I got movies if there are friends to talk to

  6. I wanted these to work. They didn’t. Now I’m just frustrated I can’t find anything to help ease my frustration. Good going there, Flannigan.

  7. A really good article. I find personally that using my journal gives me a fresh perspective that leads to a solution, or realizing that I’m stupid to be frustrated in the first place. Before that my main approach was to kick the s++t out of some inanimate object.

  8. Hi..i m totally frutrate from my life..even due 2 thse all i m able 2 focus on my dream..totaly get cnfused all the time nd very bad gng on wth my life

  9. To all those out there who are middle class Americans trying to raise a family and pay your bills. This can be a very frustrating, emotional draining situation. I feel the average American family is treated pretty brutal these days. It seems it is easier to just be a total flake and have things handed to you under entitlements. In order to raise your kids with any traditional morals makes you a judgemental racist. While diversity is what everyone preaches, You better not speak of being a Christian, because apparentely being a christian doesn’t qualify under diversity. Doesn’t diversity suppose to mean to equally except everyone? I guess not. My husband and I work like dogs to put top ramen on the table to feed the family. While other who truly don’t deserve assistance, eat better than we do. The drug situation is completely out of control. Most adults are on some form of antideppresent to get through there day. The illegal drug situation is so bad, especially in high schools. Nobody watches there kids anymore. If you have teenagers and want them to be drug free, good luck with that-Majority of there friends are doing it and there parents don’t do much about it. Yeah- feeling pretty frustrated.

  10. Thank you for the list! I’m actually so frustrated right now, but reading about it seems to help a lot. I’m not really sure why I’m so frustrated… so many various reasons I guess.

  11. From your posting I have taken the below and reading over and over again to getaway from my frustrations and it is working… Thanks a Lot

    Get away from all your frustrations

    Growth never happens without it. The more frustration you are able to harvest, resolve and overcome, the more growth you’re experiencing. Avoiding it, hiding from it, deluding the game, none of these strategies will make you a better human being. On the contrary.

    Accept Reality

    Yes, something bad happened. Don’t spend your day imagining how beautiful life could be if it wasn’t for that stupid incident or mistake. This is it. It is frustrating, no doubt about it, but rejecting this reality will not lower the frustration, on the contrary, will make it stronger and stronger. Accept reality.

    Stop Blaming Yourself

    Maybe you did something really wrong, and your current situation is the result of that mistake. Take responsibility but don’t blame yourself. It’s all in the past. You’re in the present now and you can do something about it. Blame will only put weight on that past and drag you down. Avoid it at all cost.

  12. I feel the same way right now, I am very frustrated and don’t know what to do. I will try the 33 ways and I am hoping to get out of this situation. I have also finished my masters and cant find a job. it is very hard, i start to believe that i will never accomplish something positive in life. i hope you are okay now.

  13. Hi. English is not my native language, so you may see lots of grammatical mistakes :)).
    I enjoyed your article. I’ve just received my application results and they are not what I expected. I’m sad now, but I’ll try to get over it by using your 33 ways. It’s great that you help others. Thank you.

  14. vry nice and practical answers.useful in practical life.not blaming ourselves,fighting for its cause r the best remedies.

  15. Hello there. I am glad I stumbled into this article at this shitty stage of my life. I have refused to do some of the things I know can put me out of the misery and I don’t really know why I deflect it….I am going to try and do what you say with this list. All I have done is isolation in a brutal way….let’s see what happens.

  16. I’ve suffering from a great depression. I always think negative and get worried…i can’t forgate tragic sence….try to forgate my past bt cant….what should i do? what will be better for me?

  17. I dont know what will be my future…If I cannot overcome my frustration..my suicide is confirm
    I completed post graduate but dont job to survive…my parents,friend everybody ignoring me.In this situation I am needless for the world…

    with Thanks

  18. Hello everyone. I am sure that you will lough about my comment. Aaah, I am experiencing another kind of frustration, I don’t know why but I think that I am the only one who is in this situation:
    Well, I ….. I have no ideea how to start! Okay, let’s try again:
    I am in the 10th grade at highschool. Well I met this girl at the begin of the 9’th grade, the first year of highscool. I didn’t like her at the beggining. But I think that now I really like her. Well, I am not sure that I really like her… I think that it’s kind of sexual attraction. Yeye, that’s true! I WANT HER!… First of all I thought that is love, but it cannot be.I am inlove with somebody else.
    Well, I want her like hell. I cannot get rid of my thought, my phantasies where I make sex with her. The truth is that I cannot do that. Aaah, this isn’t everything. She is flirting with every boy in my class except me. I feel like dieing!!!! This article is really intresting but not all these steps are working for me. PLEASE HELP ME! I would apreciate a lot if you would write me an email. Aaah Dragos, your name sound romanian. If you are romanian you can write me in RO 🙂 Thanks A lot. Ryan Black

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  20. Hello Dragos,

    Its was gr8 to read 33 ways to cope up with your Frustration…. It really transformed me for some while atleast…… I m feeling much much better… the most wot i liked is “Imagine the worse wot can happen” ..It really made me feel lighter… Cheers to you Dragos….

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  22. I’m so frustrated dt I feel lk committing suicide,at time I jst feel God has abandoned me nd I cnt even 2lk 2 sm1 about it because my whole life is a lie,pls I need help so I dnt commit suicide 1day,I dnt even trust God again,d only person I wld v confided in has totally changed towards me,pls help me.

  23. Hello, this list was very helpful, although I haven’t had the chance to start any of these really yet it helPed me just reading it , because I have reached a bit of a low point, nothing really happpened that has me frustrated, however , I am miserable 90%of the time for little or no reason at all. It’s actually getting unbearable to live this way so I’m searching for helpful tips on now to go about overcOming it. Tonight I will try to go tO sleep with a change of mind

  24. The blog sounds so totally out of one of those million self improvement books floating in the market. Appears to have very little to do with how people in real life deal with frustration in general. I dont beleive the authors based this blog on his experience. Sorry mate.

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  26. Great tips. One thing I’ve also learned is that frustration is usually the result when my humanness tries to control an outcome that can only be in the hands of the divine. When I try to accomplish what only GOD can do. When I release it from my control and go back to trusting like a little child the frustration vanishes. When I stop wanting things to go the way I want them to. Then I can see the lesson. Thanks for helping me see 33 other ways to deal with frustration.

  27. Thanks for this great list of ideas! I use a lot of these methods at various times to deal with frustration. Getting past the resistance and moving forward with ANYthing helps move the frustrated energy OUT. Cheers!

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  31. Great post! I have managed hundreds of people and the words “I am frustrated” is a key trigger for me as a manager. People are usually frustrated because they don’t have a plan or the current plan they have is not working. I ask them what they are trying to achieve and why they think they are not getting what they want and to course correct their current plan, come up with a new plan or just to plan it. It usually helps!

  32. Fantastic article! Today was a very frustrating day for me so this was perfect to read! I spent the day painting my office which helped immensely! Thanks for the other ideas! I’m going to have to print this out!

  33. The first one did it for me. Acceptance is what it’s all about with frustration. Just accept reality internally as it is right now. You can then correct it but why get stressed? It’s an animal response.
    .-= Richard | RichardShelmerdine.com´s last blog ..Tabata Intervals : Day 30 (Post Mortem) =-.

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  35. I like the suggestions and 2 more come to mind for me immediately. #34: Confront it. In fact, I would put this as number 1 on my list. All the techniques to avoid and dismiss frustration are not a way to actually make it go away for good. I like to handle something once and for all, by confronting it and dealing with the aftermath. No more frustration.

    #35 for me is an avoidance technique but my favorite. An extreme sport or workout. Getting out for a mountain unicycle for a few hours of grueling hills is my best method to get over frustration and set my mind at ease.

    Great tips!
    .-= Mike King´s last blog ..My eBook Released! Building Better Relationships =-.

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  37. good tips, really going to helps since these are not the best days of my life.
    .-= CoreBloggers´s last blog ..Wordpress plugins – Hide Admin Panels =-.

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  39. Loved the desert island rescue letter idea. If I can’t imagine what life is like after getting off the island, I won’t make it happen. Must work on that, pronto! Great post. Going to RT now!

  40. Hello Dragos, very timely article for me. I’ve been incredibly frustrated lately. Yes, people who give advice sometimes fail to follow their own 🙂

    My favorite from your list:

    “This Too Shall Pass”

    .-= Stephen – Rat Race Trap´s last blog ..The Sunk Cost Bias Mind Trap =-.

  41. I love the tips you’ve listed. I used to write but sometimes, writing is too slow to keep pace with the frustration.

    Something like “Soak and Dry” (love your name for it) has been my preferred method for a while because it goes at the same pace as my thoughts and always ends in a pleasant meditative kind of state that somehow produces a way out.

    I combine it with EFT and what happens is that something changes inside so that similar future events don’t have the same level and intensity of frustration. It’s like deep inside, thought associations are formed that let you reach the message inside the frustration so you don’t have to experience that same frustration again.

    There’s so many different levels of frustration – I think your list has a great range of approaches to apply to many of them.
    .-= Reeta Luthra | Stress and Health´s last blog ..Do These Green Eyed Monsters Lurk In Your Shadow? =-.

  42. I loved the tips, and there is no doubt in me that all of the tips above are going to work for sure. Talking to friends, writing down the thoughts on a journal or a blog, and watching a comedy or reading something funny are the best ways to overcome frustration and possibly fear.

    That’s why I keep a blog of our relationship where I write sorrowful stuffs when they happen. It makes me feel a little better.
    .-= Aminul Islam Sajib´s last blog ..BlogBuzzer – The Regular Dose for Search Engines & Directories =-.

  43. I have found that pouring out my frustration into a private journal blog is cathartic. Once I have done that and immersed myself in a hot bubble bath I usually come up smelling like roses (bad joke). 😉 I do employ some of your strategies and the ones that work best for me are different forms meditation, and painting. I find that when I become conscious and creative the frustration factor fades into nothingness.
    .-= timethief´s last blog ..Fibromyalgia: Acknowledge Pain, Plan and Manage Life Well =-.

  44. Great fun to read, as always, and surprisingly painless to apply. I am of the ‘violent exercise, read something funny and then have a long soak in the bath’ school myself (obviously I have a lot of frustration, as it takes me at least 3 strategies to get rid of it!)
    My Greek husband claims plate-smashing is also a good idea… so I’m always in the market for a new (and very fragile) set of plates.
    .-= Sanda´s last blog ..The British in a Nutshell =-.

  45. Great list Dragos. I love 5. write a letter and 30. Dilute it with meditation. I have personally found both of these ways to be very effective. I love these lists of yours, they just keep getting better.
    .-= Steven Aitchison´s last blog ..Why Reqium For A Dream is a Motivating Movie =-.

  46. Hi Dragos,

    Frustration usually comes when we want or are working hard to achieve something, and we can’t get it. At least that is what happens to me.

    For instance, if you want to get a job but nobody hires you, frustration will soon come. Or if you want to show somebody that you love him/her, and you make a mistake that hurts that person, you will also feel frustrated.

    In this context of desiring to get or show something, and feeling frustrated because you are not able to do it, something I try to do is remembering — my objectives –.

    By keeping your objectives in mind all the time in order to have an idea about where you want to go, you can face frustration in a better way. I think several of the points you mentioned have to do with this approach. For example, “Identify a list of possible actions”. These actions you can do to solve your problems, will probable be based on your objectives.

    Trying to have fun while you are frustrated is a great thing to do. I take that from your post! 😉
    .-= Isaac – Life is simpler´s last blog ..Simple ways to control your daily stress =-.

    • That’s an insightful comment, thank you for it. Observing the trigger of our frustration – in your case a misalignment with your objectives – surely help in identifying a quick way out of it.

  47. Dragos, one of the things I really like about your list posts is that there are always a few surprises. For me #18. Soak and Dry, #24. Do Small, Repetitive Tasks, #28. Disguise It, were fresh ideas! Goes to show that no matter how well we think we know something, there is always something to be learned from the insight of others. I appreciate that, thanks!
    .-= Jonathan – Advanced Life Skills´s last blog ..Confidence and the Courage to Take Action =-.

  48. When you write about something it is like when you process an emotion (describe it in all means) Processing and emotion is the way you can leave it behind and get in touch with your creative part. In this very moment you are present.

    When you write a list of 33 ways to overcome anything – you are getting in touch with your creative part.
    .-= Ioan Nicut´s last blog ..Iubirea necondiÅ£ionată =-.

    • Absolutely true about the creative part. We’re designed to be creative beings not to give in to temporary feelings like sad and frustration, they’re just tests. And welcome to my blog, by the way 🙂

      • You got a nice house here… and the host is hospitable and there is an abundace of cookies and other food for soul… and life…
        .-= Ioan Nicut´s last blog ..Iubirea necondiÅ£ionată =-.

    • Thanks for the nice words and yes, I think you can use it that way too. Frustration is a byproduct of depression, at least for me.

  49. Hi Dragos.

    All of these work.

    Seeing a piece of frustration from the future usually changes it. There are some instances where this does not have so much of an effect, but there are also some where doing this will make the frustration fade away. When we can see that our current hour of frustration will be irrelevant after a few days, we are not as attached to it.

    Doing small and repetitive tasks sure does cancel out frustration. We get focused on efficiency and results, and suddenly the source of frustration is not so important anymore. We also make some progress in the process, if we are doing the right tasks. Action cancels out a lot of problems.
    .-= Armen Shirvanian´s last blog ..Balancing The Art Of Attachment To Materialism =-.

  50. Great article! I could see how these techniques could be applied to other challenging emotions too, such as anxiety/fear.
    .-= Thekla Richter´s last blog ..Prioritize Powerfully by Making Appointments with Yourself =-.

  51. I liked every single point on this list Dragos. I think that the last one is definitely the most creative (and time consuming!) one but I’ll definitely try it when I feel frustration in my life.
    .-= Anastasiya´s last blog ..Is Vegetarianism a Part of a Balanced Diet? =-.

    • You certainly have a thing with lists too, Anastasiya, so I’m sure you’ll create something not only healing for yourself but empowering for others 🙂

  52. Dragos –

    A brilliant and inspired list of how to get inspired. This could be the playbook for anyone looking to get re-energized. The truth is that doing something (even if that is choosing to do nothing and let the world happen to us) is really powerful. These are ways to get moving and the energy flowing again. Thank you for an excellent post, as always.

    .-= Phil – Less Ordinary Living´s last blog ..How to Keep Going =-.

    • The importance of taking action is often underrated in our world, especially after the misinterpretation of “The Secret”: visualize your dream and they will become true. Doesn’t work like that. Visualizing plays a huge rule, but action makes it happening.

  53. Hey Dragos,

    Great post! Tweeting it!

    For me, journaling is the best. I really enjoy writing to get it all out – and then reading it in the future.

    Sometimes, even though my writing when I journal to vent frustration is, not something I’m proud of, in the end I always find nuggets to take away from it that I learn from – and I learn not just about myself, but also about the way forward
    .-= Sid Savara´s last blog ..Conversation Hacking – How To Make Small Talk Work For You =-.

    • I know that feeling you get after journaling a moment of rage and frustration and then get back to it in a few weeks, gazing in perplexity: was it really me writing this? A little bit of shame and a little bit of guilt, but in the end, the whole process is deeply healing.

  54. Writing a letter and journaling really works. And I love the “why” questions, those are the ones that can take us to the very core and show us THE TRUTH. I, like you Dragos, am a great expert in frustration. It really bothered me a lot before, not that much anymore. Growth often really is impossible without it.

    • Interesting enough, recently I was advised to sing while driving. Which I started to do, it’s a great way to relax and re-energize.

        • 34. Do something adventurous exiting for the first time.

          35. Do something good for someone else

          36. Make someone smile

          37. Read and understand a book of faith

          38. Look for the truth it’s worth it

          39. Volunteer

          40. Go to the beach

          41. Make a song about it

          42. Teach someone something tour good at, even if it was how to wink

          42b. If your lazy, You don’t do the work you don’t expect the results.
          no input = no output, simplest logic.

          42c. Life is not supposed to be easy, we are supposed to grow for it.

          43. Lend a hand to the needy

          44. Smile even there’s nothing to smile at

          45. Play a game of look for the positivity in this situation

          46. Love more no matter, laugh mare, live deeper, be kinder…

          47. Take a deep breath with all the negative and exhale all the $@$$).

          48. Hug yourself or get one.

          49. It’s ok, love yourself no matter what, tomorrow will be a better day if you believe it is and strive for it.

          50. God exists, and will lift your burdens with you. And God will be with you and give you what you deserve sooner or later. Who knows what is God has got in store for you no one except him. I trust in God to protect my today and tomorrow and I work for it.


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