365 Days Writing Challenge – Checkpoint Nine

Today is the first day of the tenth month of my 365 days challenge. I usually post at the end of each month a “checkpoint” type of article, recapping what went well, what went not so well, and, generally, how the challenge has progressed. I didn’t do this on September’s last day, but I’m going to do it now – after all, any day is a good day for a recap.

September has been a weird month. I feel like it was a very diverse time interval and that many things happened, on one side. But on the other side I feel like I didn’t write as much as I used to do. Which just shows how biased our own perception can be sometimes, and how we can hold so many contradictory beliefs even about trivial stuff. Looking back, I can see I came up every day with an article, and I covered even more areas than I usually do.

In terms of topics, September was probably the richest month in cryptocurrency related posts, but, at least in the first third of the month there were quite a few actionable posts on financial resilience and location independence too, posts which actually came out nicely. That’s just my opinion, obviously, I am happy that I got to put those ideas in writing, as I will definitely come back and revisit them in a couple of months. But yes, crypto seemed to be a much bigger topic than usual.

I also was able to have a few articles scheduled in advance. At least a couple of weekends were very productive from this point of view, despite the fact that I was also doing some long runs during said weekends (or probably because of that, who knows).

I don’t perceive this challenge as a chore, like I said, for a few months now. It’s just part of my routine. I don’t get nervous if I don’t have the article published in the first part of the day, because I know now roughly how much time should I block (about an hour, in total) and I can just schedule that time block even late in the evening. I never run out of posts ideas and I maintain a consistent backlog in my ZenTasktic app. At this very moment I still have 2-3 drafts in the queue, waiting to have some more flesh added on top of the main ideas, and to be published. I do find this reassuring, and I created the habit of emptying my mind in there long time ago.

In terms of the length of the challenge, I’m over 3 quarters done. Just 92 more days, to be precise. Which makes for a total of 273 days in which I came up with a post every single day on this blog. That’s a big amount of time to publish every day. Every now and then I surprise myself thinking about this, and sometimes I even come up with a little bit of a reflection and learned lessons, and I write an article about it, like this one, on how to accomplish big things. Spoiler: it’s by accomplishing small things consistently.

I am already thinking how would I feel next year, when I won’t have this daily challenge anymore. Probably a bit disoriented, a bit relieved and somehow lazy.

Well, until then, I still have 92 more days to go.

Onwards and upwards!

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