365 Days Writing Challenge – Checkpoint One

Today is the 31st day of my 365 days writing challenge. Since the beginning of the year I published a blog post each day, which means, so far, that the challenge is going as planned.

I thought it would be useful to have some sort of a checkpoint every month (or less frequent, if there will be no need for them) where I would evaluate how things unfolded. Here’s the first one.

January is, traditionally, a strange month, very uneven. The beginning is still clogged by the holiday laziness, mixed with the depression of an ending cycle and the unrealistic expectations of a new one. Then, around its half, some awakening happens, and things really have to come into their places, so there are a lot of adjustments. It’s only when it ends that a certain balance is reached. Or at least this is how January plays out for me.

Knowing about this pattern, I decided to spend some extra time and be more prepared than usual, and, in hindsight, this was a very good decision. What that meant was that I had posts scheduled with one or two days in advance for more than half of the month. I think there were only two weeks of writing and publishing every day. For the rest of the time I relied on extra preparation.

As for the topics, I didn’t really have a certain focus, I wrote about whatever I felt the need to. Quite a few posts were about timely events – obviously, the Coronavirus pandemic being the most important one – which is something unusual for me. I usually go for timeless topics, things that can be read without too much reframing in 5 or 10 years. But, given the impact of this event, which I think it will reshape our world dramatically, I felt it was a good thing. I am curious to see in 5 or 10 years if things I thought will happen, will really happen.

The time of publishing was at 10:00 AM, for scheduled posts and at most 4-5 PM for the rest of the posts. Basically, I wrote only in the morning. The length of the articles was between 800 and 1300 words, which is my normal length.

One of the reasons for this challenge was to develop a sense of “showing up”, of being here for this blog, which, although it’s one of y oldest projects (still going on for almost one and a half decades), was somehow neglected during the last few years. Even though this neglect happened for obvious reasons (in the last 3 years my life changed dramatically: I now generate income by being employed full time and moved to a new country) I still felt the need to come back and give it some buoyancy, now that things got a little bit of predictability.

All in all, I am happy with how things are so far. There are some signs that the traffic is picking up too, but it’s relatively early to tell. If that happens, it will be a nice perk, although not something that I am primarily targeting.

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