365 Days Writing Challenge – Checkpoint Seven

Today marks the end of the seventh month of my 365 days writing challenge. For the last 211 days I published an article every day on this blog.

At the end of each month I decided to write a little “checkpoint”, both to evaluate the course of the challenge, and to outline its benefits (or drawbacks, if there are any). Happy to report there are no drawbacks so far, by the way.

As expected, the power of the habit is becoming stronger and stronger, to the point that it simply melts in the structure of the day. I don’t perceive this challenge more different than brushing my teeth. Except I brush my teeth at specific time points (in the morning and in the evening), while the publishing can be shifted through the day more flexibly. It’s part of what I do and I very seldom perceive it as a “chore”, or as something that needs to be done.

This month I was also more consistent, managing to publish mostly in the first part of the day, or by seven in the evening, the latest. The month before, June, there were a few instances when I had to literally get up from the bed and rush to finish the article before midnight, because it had slipped my mind that I’m still doing this challenge. The fact that I finally found a long term accommodation in Lisbon helped big time, as this is the first continuous month here. Routines, stability and a bit of comfort can go a long way in cementing patterns and behaviors.

As for topics, I don’t have an exact statistic, but just by looking back at the titles it seems that for most than half of the month I wrote about financial resilience, location independence and meaningful relationships, which are the main themes of the blog now, and also my main focus in life, in general. The rest were just blogging pieces or random thoughts, except for a big chunk of 4 articles in a row, related to mainstream, sidestream and downstream media. I still consider this part very relevant, as it is probably one of the most important difference between todays and, let’s say, just 10-15 years ago. There was a big shift in how the world behaves and that’s because of these changes – but better go and re-read all the articles, if you want to learn how.

The “secondary” benefits are also solidifying. As expected, again, the improvements are not only in the writing area – which is slowly, and steadily, becoming something blended in my lifestyle, almost effortlessly – but about discipline and emotional stability. Rituals are known to help with emotional stability, and I’ve been following my own personal rituals for years now. So it was only natural that adding another one will improve that area significantly. I feel more grounded and there is a certain flattening of emotional ups and downs.

In terms of traffic, I didn’t notice any significant pattern, some days are better than others, but, overall, no change. I’m not expecting any change (outside of a black swan event, that is) judging by the previous experiments I did with promotion last year. It’s becoming almost impossible to float a blog above a certain readership level without consistent marketing efforts (read: money spent on advertising), and marketing is something I don’t want to do at this point. To a certain extent, I feel quite nice that this corner is still cozily hidden in the shadows of the Internet, and there is just a handful of readers popping out constantly for their regular meeting with my daily blog posts.

Many thanks to all of you for stopping by, it is appreciated 🙂

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