365 Days Writing Challenge – Checkpoint Three

This is my 3rd month in a row of daily blogging. Since January 1st, I published an article every single day. That makes this the longest streak of writing – 90 interrupted days. And this is my monthly “checkpoint”, a post in which I look back and try to evaluate the challenge.

March was a full month, with many things happening at once. There were a few important decisions, mostly fueled by changes in work, and I expect these decisions to roll out completely in the next weeks. Some of them are already in full swing – for instance, I’m writing this post (as well as the last two) from a different country. But this is not the time to be very public about this kind of things.

Compared with the first two months, March was significantly more eventful, if not chaotic, at times, but in a good way. There were a few days when I even felt a little bit behind, but still made it with my daily post. I kept the routine of having an article live by noon, and only once or twice I had to postpone until afternoon. I also did my best to have a little bit of a runway, with one or two reserve blog posts, but I hardly made it. Most of the time I just had to write and publish the same day.

What worked better, though, was the capturing part. And by “capturing” I mean blog post ideas. Many topics for these posts are popping out in my mind while I’m walking, doing my groceries, or doing anything else except being at the computer. Hence, I have to capture these ideas somehow, otherwise I forget them. ZenTasktic to the rescue. I use this app (that I wrote myself, in case you didn’t know that already) for many things, and capturing ideas for my blog is one of them. The way it works is that I save them in the Assess realm, as Ideas, and then later on I just browse through them and start writing the one I feel it’s most relevant in the moment. So, basically, I use the mobile app to just save ideas while on the road, and the desktop app to browse through what I saved and pick the one I want to write.

At the last checkpoint I also wrote about a couple of new projects ignited by this challenge, and I’m happy to report they are advancing. Somehow. Not as fast as I want, but there’s progress. There are two books that are starting to get some shape, hopefully I will have at least one of them finished in the next few months.

All in all, another month in which I completed the challenge.

Onwards to the next checkpoint!

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