7 Things I Learned From My 2 Year Old Girl

Every year I learn something from my daughter. You know, we think that we’re here to help them learn something, but most of the time is the other way around. Last year I learned my first 7 things form her, and it’s time for me to share what are the other 7 things I learned this year.

There is no such thing as tiredness

Every time she is going to bed is because she wants it, not because she’s tired. It’s like a little concession she’s making to us, the parents, when she sees that we barely can keep our eyes opened. Tiredness is a state of mind. The way she is connected with other sources of energy, and her uninterrupted flow of actions, are just so incredible. I just want to reconnect to those sources sometimes…

No hard feelings

She’s never having any regrets at all. I start to believe that regrets are the invention of the grown up people. It’s something that we invented in order to escape happiness. The gap between her sadness and happiness moments is zero. She’s moving through her emotions with zero efforts and zero regrets. Whenever I manage to do this I’m experiencing an incredible state of joy and happiness…

The world is what you say it is

She doesn’t speak yet in a very understandable way but we managed to learn all her vocabulary and we know that this word means that, and that word means that. It’s funny how you can create your own vocabulary and describe reality in a very personal way. It’s even funnier when other people are starting to understand you and share your own reality. You can really make your own world, if you want it…

The work is my playground

She does things very seriously by playing and she plays very seriously by doing things. She’s doing everything with the same intensity and with the same joy, and doesn’t make any difference between work and play. Again, whenever I can do this myself, and mix my work and pleasure, I feel blessed. It should always be like this: to play for work and work with a playful mindset.

I care for others, therefore I exist

She started to identify obstacles and potential dangers and she is starting to cautiously prevent us. One day she told me out of the blue in the car, while I was driving: “Pay attention!”. It’s like she’s starting to give back what we are saying to her in a mirror, like a channel that is starting to flow back to us. And is not only about obstacles and dangers, the channel is giving also love and compassion…

Don’t hate, ignore

I’m amazed about the way she’s treating other kids. If she likes them, she’s playing with them. If not, she’s simply ignoring them, regardless of what they are doing. She doesn’t know the word “revenge”, nor the concept itself, and even if she’s forced to share the same space with an aggressive kid, she’s just ignoring him. It’s like the other guy doesn’t exists in the same space. So much to learn from this…

Everyone can (and sometimes wants) to be manipulated

The moment she learned to conscioussly cry, she learned how to manipulate us. We’re doing our best not to fall for these phases, but it’s not about that. It’s about the fact that most of the people can (and most of the time want) to be manipulated (please read “influenced” here), and that’s one of the most important things she taught me. Don’t think everything or everyone is set in stone, you can change everything or everyone – including yourself – if you really want…

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