A Few Things That Would Be Interesting To Do In The Dark

Lately, I’ve been doing a few more things in the dark. No, this is not about sex, you dirty mind! Seriously, I observed that the way I perform certain tasks changes if I do it in very low light levels, or even pitch dark.

I accidentally stumbled upon this during my guitar practice. It starts to get dark earlier now in this part of the world, so my evening practice gradually shifted from gentle sunset light into almost dark. While I was exercising, I observed it’s actually easier for me to find the frets and to touch the right string in low light levels. All I need is a little bit of a visual clue, to take the reference point, and from there on, it’s like a mental map grows in my head, and I don’t need any visual confirmation anymore.

Now, there’s something more you need to know about me. I love sitting in the dark. Like, for real. Back when I was living with a partner, she used to ask me on the phone, every once in a while: “Are you lying in the dark, like the Scorpio that you are?” Yes, Scorpios, both the insect and the astrological sign, thoroughly enjoy sitting in the dark.

So, this observation swiftly segued into a deeper question: what else should we do in the dark, because it will actually get better because of that? What follows is a short, and obviously incomplete list.

A Few Things That Would Be Interesting To Do In The Dark

First, and foremost: difficult conversations. I do believe that we could all benefit if we will have all our difficult conversations in the dark. Whenever a fight is ready to break out, just turn off the lights. And try continuing the conversation from where you left. See where it goes. Maybe not seeing the other part’s face will help. I don’t know, it may make it even more intense, but my hunch is it will help.

The second thing: planning features for a product. I’m thinking to do this in the dark especially because it normally makes heavy uses of visual clues, like dashboards, and drawing. I think it would be interesting, in the way that it may force you to learn how to verbalize and express your ideas better. In just words. Also, it may force you to refine your ideas better before talking them out loud.

Third, and this is a bit extreme, I reckon: cooking. I do believe this would be an fascinating experience, provided we prepare all the ingredients (or at least those which require sharp objects and boiling), in advance. Not using sharp objects – or open fire – will make it safer, while keeping the randomness in the mixing. For instance, not knowing the exact amount of salt, or knowing it just by touches, not by visual clues, will certainly be a game changer.

Last, but certainly not least: working out. Do you cardio, or lift weights, in the dark. Not seeing your immediate surroundings will be interesting. I experienced this before, while running longer than 24 hours ultra-marathons. Of course, I didn’t intentionally looked for this, it just happened, but I still remember the experience. I once ran for 4-5 kilometers in pitch dark, barely seeing where my feet will land, and it was very intense.

That’s it for now. If you have suggestions, the comment area is open!

Photo by Terry Vlisidis on Unsplash

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