A Guy Called Steven Just Quit His Job

And why on Earth this may mean something to you? Well, it may not mean something to you, at this moment, but it may mean something at the end of this post. For me it definitely this “Steve quitting his job” thing packs a punch. Ok, let’s start this slowly, one thing at a time.

The complete name of the guy is Steven Aitchison. I know him for more than 3 years now. We started blogging around the same time and we kinda bounced back and fourth at times. But although he was a blogger, he still had a full time job. A rather consuming full time job.

Fortunately, his days as an employee are over now. His last day of work would be this Friday. What he’s gonna do after Friday? I have no idea. But one thing he made it clear: he’s not gonna be an employee anymore. Ok, but the guy has family, has kids, has responsibilities. How on Earth he’ll provide for them? From what I heard, he’s gonna be a full time blogger.

Ok, I’m, trying to sweeten this thing out. I didn’t just “heard” he’s gonna be a full time blogger. I know this for sure. I also know that quitting his job was a lifelong dream. A dream reached before his life ended. And I also know that he worked incredibly hard for this.

At the beginning of this post I told you that this post packs a punch for me. It’s not gonna be one of those lengthy posts you’re used to read here. I don’t want you to stay here, on my blog. I want you to go out, reach for Steve’s celebration of this event, and give him a hand. Did I just say “celebration”? Oh, yes. Steven is celebrating this major event big style. Big blogger style, to be more precise.

He’s keeping a 3 days sale, in which he packs $450+ worth of products, sold at just a fraction of this price. I don’t know how he convinced the other guys, but I know I was happy to support him. Just like that, because I’m happy for him. In this massive sale there are also 2 of my titles (I leave you the pleasure to discover them).

Ok, that’s all I had to say, basically. Now it’s your turn. Do you really want to quit your job and live the life of your dreams? Doing what you love, like Steven? Feeling and being free, just like him? Think about it. This guy called Steven, quitting his job, well, this may mean something for you too, after all.

You don’t know from where to start? Just go ahead and dive into his sale. I’m sure you’ll find some inspiration there.

4 thoughts on “A Guy Called Steven Just Quit His Job”

  1. Mr. Roua,
    I have been having trouble getting the download link to work and i was hoping you might be able to assist me?

    I paid for this ebook collection (transaction ID is 09V01618523846232) during the 3day sale but i didnt realize there was a time limit for downloading after you make a purchase. When i clicked on the link a few days ago there was a message saying that the link had expired. They provided an email address (steve at cytguides dot com) to resolve any issues and he responded immediately, however the new link he provided me does not work at all a I have tried it on 2 different computers with several browsers as well as an ipad but none of them open up a page when i click on it. The screen just stays white as if its continuously trying to load but cant for some reason. He has yet responded to my subsequent emails.

    I was just wondering if there is any way you could send me another link or a copy of all the ebooks? It would be much apprecaited. Thanks!

    • Hi,

      thanks for contacting me but, unfortunately, I can’t do much for this thing. I think Steven could help you with that. But, usually, it’s your task to see if there’s a download limit or not. Hope this will be fixed somehow.

  2. It is a tough decision. When I did it, I really planned for it first, think and act. I f you really want to be happy and successful, go out on your own. Might be hard at first, but be consistent.

  3. I’m totally with Steven, I too quit my mainstream job to do something I love, I have a passion for, I read a book which inspired me, it talked about us spending a lot of our waking hours at work,, life is too short so why not do something you love for a living, that way, you put in more hours, more love and don’t get so stressed or tired because you love what your doing to earn your dauly bread.


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