Anonymous Versus Elon Musk

Anonymous Message To Elon Musk

If you didn’t watch the video, I recommend you to do it, it’s only 3 minutes. But if you didn’t have the time, I’ll summarize it for your in six words: Anonymous is going for Elon Musk.

If you didn’t live on Mars for the last decade, then you’re familiar with both Anonymous and Elon Musk. One is a group (anonymous, as the name implies) of hackers who are disclosing sensitive information, most of it of public interest, and the other is a billionaire, owner of Tesla, NeuraLink, SpaceX, StarLink and a few other companies. Both are very well established in their niches.

The issue at hand is Elon’s obsession with the crypto markets. Over the last couple of month, he went from being the new crypto kid in town, when he announced Tesla bought over a billion in BTC, to a totally ridiculous character, an attention whore despised by pretty much every sane person in crypto. I believe he is secretly despised even by his so called fans of dog-related tokens, from Doge to Shiba.

His social media posts are moving the markets consistently, and my hunch is that it’s because his reputation, or, to be more precise, of his carefully crafted public image. If he’s so damn rich, then he must know what he’s taking abut, so I’m following whatever he says. Many people seem to trust that image.

But that image is beginning to disintegrate. Behind it, surprise-surprise, not a very nice person. It may be look like he wants to save humanity by going to the stars, but the more he engages with his followers, the more it appears that he may be in just for the credit. Like, literally, just for the subventions he gets for his businesses. And the attention. Not for the altruistic reasons that made so many people believe in his stories.

But enough with this. Let’s get back at Anonymous.

Like I said, they have a proven track record of disclosing secret information of public interest. The fact that they posted a video which ends with “Expect us”, made me believe they already have something on him. It’s not so much a warning, as it seems to be a clear message of “we got you, it’s just a question of time until we let it out, and we just want to cook you a bit before we do it”.

On the other side, Elon Musk has been through many turmoils during his career, so I wouldn’t say he backs up easily. On the contrary, as his latest public appearances showed, he seem to be in some sort of a “God” complex (he self-proclaimed himself “the Emperor of Mars”, in a move which was considered fun and trendy at that time, but very much less now, as we understand he may actually believe that). He is also in a position where he can move very large amounts of money, very quickly and unpredictably. And I believe he is not getting out without a fight.

So, beyond the refreshing sentiment that someone is still watching, Anonymous versus Elon Musk may not be as easy as it may seem now.

If I would have to place a bet, I would say it’s Anonymous. But it would be a very difficult battle and I also expect them to lose some (I don’t know yet what, but at this level everything is possible). Also, the fact that they “win” this battle doesn’t mean they won the “war”. Greed is still part of the human psyche and it will continue to be for a while, unfortunately. There will always be people who will look up to the “next Elon Musk”, repeating the cycle in which they chase impossible dreams and get churned by the manipulation wheels set in motion between money and politics.

One more thing.

It’s the first time, as far as I remember, when Anonymous goes for a public person. They usually go against organizations, or states. They are working with trends, not persons. So the fact they target Elon Musk is also a clear sign that they consider him (and, by extension, other similar characters) toxic. A toxicity not much related to his money, but to what he is able to do because of his money.

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