Are You Paying Attention?

If so, how much attention did you spend so far? Really, I am quite intrigued by this choice of words… Why isn’t it “giving away attention for free”? Or “lending attention”? Why do we use the term “paying”, like attention is an actual currency, or some sort of value that gets bartered in the process?

Well, I guess because it is. Attention is a heavy store of value. When you realize our reality is built on top of attention, you start to understand. Reality gets created by attention, so, in a sense, you get what you pay for.

Lousy attention, fuzzy reality.

Too focused attention, narrow and limited reality.

Too broader, and you get a rich, yet quite chaotic world.

Knowing just these basic patterns, you can then work out how you put your attention at work, how you actually “pay” with it.

The World Is Falling Down?

Try narrowing your attention span. Don’t choose specific goals or projects, just try and focus on the task at hand during the day. Keep your attention there a little more than you would usually do. Think of it in terms of “tipping”, like giving a tip with your attention, putting more on the table than it’s actually required.

The World Seems Like Not Moving At All?

Try broadening your attention span. Keep staying focused (because that’s what gives that sense of immobility, your focus is too strong, but also too narrow). On top of that, though, try diversifying it, like you would diversify your investment portfolio. Try forcing your attention on other, seemingly unrelated topics during the day.


That usually means you keep paying the same amount on the same type of goods, so the result is always predictable. Try something risky, the equivalent being trying some small change on a lottery ticket. Not with the aim to actually win the lottery, but to generate a random event. Investing small amounts of attention into completely random topics would guarantee your boredom will fade away.

So, by far I guess you paid at least 4-5 minutes worth of your attention on this article.

Just hope you had a nice ROI from it.

Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay

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