Quicksilver – Ignite Your Mac!

For all of you that lived in a hell of broken Windows, or on a cluttered path of Linux Forrest, and recently evolved into the Mac World, here’s some news. There is a way to make your Mac fly! Really. Not only you actually can work in a Mac, as you already found out, but you can actually ignite your OS! Meaning working more with less effort. Meaning maintining a higher focus degree wile remaining stress free.

Now, come down, I know, I am enthousiastic, but as I wrote in another post, enthousiasm is one of the best energies that you can leverage from yourself. So let’s leverage some and start talking about Quicksilver.

Automating Photo Booth and iPhoto

You know all those strange albums on Flickr or those psychedelic movies on YouTube when a guy took pictures of himself for a year, each day? Or for two or three? Each day, another picture of himself? Well, although in the beginning the idea seemed a little creepy to me, I soon started to see, well, some benefits… Needles to say that, in a more adventurous state then ever, and with little forseen reward, I started my own “A Photo Every Day” project. Just for fun, if you want. Or just to see how often I need to shave. Or just to test my iSight’s capabilities. If that little ting could do a photo every day it worth every penny, right?

Lifehacks: How Do You Use Your Tools?

One of the greatests leaps in human evolution was the discovery of the tool. An extension of the human body that can increase force, power or shorten the distances… The results of the human activities were boosted to a degree that would seemed impossible without the use of the tools. The space beyound a human … Read more Lifehacks: How Do You Use Your Tools?

Beyond GTD – a trespasser’s journal

Disclaimer: what will follow is just a projection of my thoughts, it’s not related nor endorsed in any way by the authors quoted. Also, what follows is a personal interpretation of facts as I see them and thus has only my personal truth value and is not intended nor advertised as an universal truth. It … Read more Beyond GTD – a trespasser’s journal