2021 Monthly Recap – July

July was a settling month. A little bit of routine settled in, but I also allocate time for more exploration. Many a posts from this month are about direct experiences had in the new city, like Do Electric Scooter Grow On The Streets and Thinking Outside Of The Loyalty Card. But I had time for … Read more

2021 Monthly Recap – June

After 5 very tumultuous months (although just by looking at the articles here you couldn’t tell) June was finally a month for rest. Not in the sense of vacationing, but more like settling down, re-inserting in a new context. By the end of the month I was already in long term accommodation and all the … Read more

2021 Monthly Recap – May

May was my first month into a new country, so the move was roughly completed. I didn’t set base into a long term accommodation yet, I was still searching, the long term thing happened only in June, so May was more or less suspended. The course of events is still clear in my mind, because … Read more

2021 Monthly Recap – April

April was a pivotal month, a lot of stuff happened. It was the last month spent in Spain, as of May 1st I was already completely relocated in Portugal. Because of that, many of the actions and decisions during April were related to either gently finishing stuff, or to courageously starting new stuff. During the … Read more

2021 Monthly Recap – March

March was a good month. In hindsight, it was the bottom of the downfall created by Covid, but at that time I didn’t know yet. At the end of March I started the research trip for moving to Portugal, a trip which segued further away in April. During all this time, not only I kept … Read more

2021 Monthly Recap – February

Let’s continue the monthly recap of 2021. February was a slightly better month than January, on many levels. Each year, after the gloomy January, the new year processes are finally unfreezing and things are getting into motion. That’s what happened in February as well. At that point, I already knew I was going to move … Read more

2021 Monthly Recap – January

Less than 2 weeks until the end of the year – and, with that, the end of my 365 daily writing challenge. That means there’s still time for a recap. Since I already have a post for every day of 2021, I decided to try a monthly recap, which means there will be one post … Read more

Friday Evening, A Week Before Christmas

The city is slowly preparing for holidays. It’s not too crowded, but not deserted as it was last year. Just normal, I guess. The Christmas lights are flooding the central neighborhoods, creating small, intricate spirals of flashes, fading as the streets are entering less touristy areas. Scattered groups of young people are gathering in front … Read more