Building Self Discipline

If you have really high goals, chance are that you had to improve your self discipline at some point. You had to streamline your daily routine, to improve your skills, to become more effective, to achieve more in less time or with less energy. Although one of the most expensive tools in your personal development … Read more Building Self Discipline

30 Days Exercising Challenge – Day 1

First of all, the feed-back from the initial post announcing that I’m  going to start a 30 days exercising challenge was fantastic. To be honest, I didn’t see it coming. Thanks everybody for your tips, suggestions and precious advice. It seems that I really have to go through this, now that almost everyone is watching … Read more 30 Days Exercising Challenge – Day 1

Starting To Exercise

Seems like August is my favorite month for personal development challenges. Last year, on August 4h I started my raw food diet, which lasted for more than 9 months. After my trip to Japan, in April, my raw food diet ended and you can read more about that in the post raw food diet blog … Read more Starting To Exercise

Solving The Wrong Problem

One of my oldest memories as a child is cleaning the house. I remember clearly how I started to use a broom – which seemed like a giant toy – and how I slowly gathered together piles of dust from all areas of our small apartment. It was something new and exciting. Although I was … Read more Solving The Wrong Problem

Assess – Decide – Do for Programming

Assess – Decide – Do is a simple life management framework. Despite its somehow pompous acronym, ADD is overwhelmingly simple, so simple that you may even overlook it. Every ADD cycle is based only on 3 fundamental activities: assess, decide and do. And since we’re going to talk about ADD and programming, we can borrow … Read more Assess – Decide – Do for Programming

Post Raw Food Diet

As some of my readers already know I was on a raw food diet for 9 months. I wrote “I was” because in the last 3 months I decided to quit this diet. In today’s post I’ll explain the reasons behind this decision as well as some of the most important consequences of this change. … Read more Post Raw Food Diet

Finding Reasons To Agree

What’s your reaction when somebody is telling something you don’t like? Is it unconditionally “Yes”? Is it unconditionally “No”? It’s something in between? Do you usually find reasons to agree or to disagree? I ask because finding reasons to agree seems to be one of the most difficult mindsets these days. We seem to be … Read more Finding Reasons To Agree