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This post is to announce my second live workshop, after the mentorship I started a few months ago. This workshop is called, as you may already have guessed, “Blogging 101”. Blogging is something very close to me (after all, I’m doing this for more than 5 years, in different languages and niches). But I’m not doing this workshop only because I love blogging as a lifestyle: over the years I accumulated a lot of know-how and hands-on experience. So, it was about time to start sharing this in a live workshop.

This one will be a lot bigger than my mentorship course, both in terms of attendance and duration. It will spread over 3 days and accommodate 20 to 40 people. I’m doing this together with my good friend Mihai Popa-Radu, a certified coach and founder of Seeds For Success, one of the most reputable executive coaching and change management companies in Romania. Mihai works with individuals and companies from Romania and abroad, who, as he does, believe in the motto: “Impossible is a matter of opinion!” Elected coach of 2008, Mihai is founder of Romanian Coaching Association and member of International Coach Federation si European Coaching Institute. Mihai exert his professional interest in the following areas: executive coaching, leadership psychology, change management and personal branding.

To be honest, I’m really, really excited about this workshop. I even re-read this blog post a few times and re-written the first paragraph, in order to make it sound more grounded. The first version was exhilarating.

And this is exactly how I feel. I’m thrilled with enthusiasm and I can’t wait to start this! Ok, chill down, Dragos, just make sure your message goes through :-).

The workshop will be split in 3 sections: beginners, intermediate and advanced. Each section will be covered in one day, including lunch break. It will start at 9:30 each day and end at 17:30. There will be a one hour lunch break, as I already said.

As always, I did a little bit of dry testing around my friends and the response was overwhelming, I think I already have 25% of the seats taken even before the course was announced. But relax, will do our best to accommodate everyone, if you take action fast enough for us to make the necessary adjustments. The location is gorgeous – all of my mentees already know it, we’re doing our mentorship there – and there’s plenty of space.

Workshop Target and Structure

Who’s going to benefit from this workshop? The short answer: there’s something in it for everybody. The long answer: if you want to embrace blogging as an alternative income generator, then this workshop is for you. I tried to line up a pretty safe topic list and stretched the insertion points from the early beginner up to the advanced blogger.

Here’s a short outline of each day:

Beginner Day

  • what is a blog?
  • why having a blog?
  • the building blocks of a blog
  • how to measure a blog
  • practical exercises

Intermediate Day

  • blog content creation
  • blog measuring and profiling
  • creative writing techniques
  • personal branding segment (held by my partner Mihai Popa-Radu)
  • publishing filters
  • practical exercises

Advanced Day

  • blog promotion and social networking
  • search engine optimization
  • making money with a blog
  • practical exercises

As the workshop advances there will be less and less theoretical speaking and more time alloted to the practical exercises and direct interaction, including live blogging and evaluation. One of the most interesting areas will be the “making money with a blog” part in the Advanced Day, where I will share some of my personal stories, as well as some of the most interesting case studies I met, including icon bloggers like Darren Rowse, Brain Clark or Steve Pavlina.

Another interesting point will be my friend’s Mihai intervention about personal branding, during the day 2, so be sure to book that day if you’re interested on how to mix personal branding with blogging.

Workshop Dates And Price Structure

The entire course will be split into 3 parts, as I already wrote, but what I didn’t wrote is that those days will be at one week distance from each other. This will allow not only a better digestion of all those theoretical concepts but it will also make practical exercises and evaluations much easier.

Here are the scheduled dates:

  • Beginners: 13th November (Friday)
  • Intermediate: 20th November (Friday)
  • Advanced: 27th November (Friday)

Price structure:

  • Beginners day: 200 EUR
  • Intermediate day: 250 EUR
  • Advanced day: 250 EUR

There is a 50 EUR discount applied for anyone who applies until November 10th (in special honor of my birthday 😉 ),  for any of the days. Also, if you book together there is an additional volume discount, bringing the total price of the entire workshop to 450 EUR. Of course, you can book only one, or two days if you want.

Please keep in mind we do have a limited number of seats and although we will do our best to ensure we will accommodate everyone, we cannot guarantee that beforehand. As I already told you, the initial response was already overwhelming.

How To Attend

The best way to get your seat is to contact me via email (you can find my email in the contact page) and I will give you the necessary details. Be prepared to spend the entire day so I would highly appreciate if your phones will be switched off for the workshop and all your other problems will be left outside. I’m really into this event and since I want to give the best I can, I want to make sure you’re prepared to receive it.

That being said, I really, really look forward to start this. 🙂

14 thoughts on “Blogging 101”

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    • Thank you, Ada.

      I guess you will be forever remembered by the one and only attendee able to write a novel in just 10 minutes :-). Just make it last and let those blogs make some money for you too.

      It was a real pleasure to have you in my audience. 🙂

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  4. I wish you every success with your new course! You certainly have the skills to teach blogging! Your instructions to do 301 redirects have been easy-to-follow. I am grateful to your assistance as you have saved me a ton of heartache! All the best!
    .-= Evelyn Lim´s last blog ..Break From Blogging =-.

  5. Hi Dragos

    I wish you all the very best with this, it looks like a great course.

    Can I suggest something as well to help you get some more money. When you have finished the course why don’t you sell the course material to trainers with with limited PLR rights. You could sell it for $499 – $999. Just a thought.

    Good luck, be good to hear how it goes in November.
    .-= Steven Aitchison´s last blog ..How To Get Past Prejudice =-.


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