Blogging with an iPhone…

…Is not at all a very difficult task. To be honest, it’s quite enjoyable, as long as you’re not on EDGE. From my experience, is very important to have a very good internet connection, otherwise the touchscreen keyboard will give you some very strange delays. But that keyboard also is the main reason for blogging with an iPhone, it really makes typing text a breeze. And I mean that, is equally easy either if you’re writing the post title:

either you’re working on the content (and we’re talking wordpress rich text editor here, not a regular textarea in a form):

You can see all your work in a glimpse:

And you can also easily preview what you are working on (as long as you don’t have more than 8 Safari windows opened at the same time, which seems to be the limit of concurrent opened windows for Mobile Safari):

Now that we’ve seen how it looks, lets’ see why and when you’ll be blogging by iPhone?

Well, most of the time you’ll be micro-blogging – on platforms like twitter, for instance – if you’re not choosing some other clients for that. But you can do some – let”s call it mini-blogging – on one of the following situations:

  • you’re on the road, and you enjoy some Wi-Fi on your airplane or train, that’s a reason enough to quickly post something on your blog
  • you’re in a hurry, and putting together all your equipment – laptop, power cable, internet connection – will take so much time that will make you lose your patience. And, maybe, your ideas 😉
  • you’re in a boring meeting and you’ll be blogging about your last seen rock concert, while letting other people around you think that you’re checking out and respond to vital email for your company
  • you’re just in love with your iPhone and you’d started to use it more than your eating tools (those little things called fork and spoon, if you remember…)

Joke aside, blogging with an iPhone is really an option for the travelers and busy people, but there are some important drawbacks, and since we’re pointed out the pros, it’s honest to outline a few cons:

  • you don’t really have a rich editor on your Mobile Safari, instead you will be working on the “HTML” switch on your main editor, and by that I mean that you will actually have to write html code in order to have links or ordered lists in your posts
  • adding images directly is not supported (yet) so you will have to tweak your post further by accessing it later via a laptop or desktop in order to manage your images (if you need to upload them, if you’re only linking to some images, you’re set)
  • you can’t really work your categories – for some reason Mobile Safari doesn’t work well with the category selector in wordpress admin area
  • it will take you at least double the time you’ll need for blogging by a reasonable device, even if you’re a piano player and your fingers are dancing on the iPhone touchscreen

All in all, blogging with an iPhone is really fun, you should try it some time (you can even try this at home, you know?).

And yes, almost 90% of this post was actually written on my iPhone.

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  1. Dragos, I am ages behind – I just got an iPhone (the latest and greatest one of course) 2 weeks ago! I am hooked on it and find it to be revolutionary. THANK YOU for your articles on the iPhone and again for the WPtouch. If you go there from my Tweets, you’ll see it…!! Thank you :)!

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