Indistinguishable From Magic

Today I watched WWDC21’s opening keynote. In case you don’t know what’s this about, it’s an Apple event for developers. For a week, there are presentations with all the new APIs and SDKs that are part of the next generation of Apple’s operating system. The keynote lasted exactly two hours, and it’s the first time … Read more

New iPad Interface For iAdd – The Productivity App

I tried at least a dozen of productivity apps in the last 5 years. Since none of them was good enough for what productivity means to me, I wrote my own. It’s called iAdd, it’s only $1.99 (a fairly good price, if only you think you get two apps for that, an iPad one and … Read more

How To Redeem A Promo Code In iBookStore

Recently, Apple allowed authors with books published on their iBookStore to use promo codes. A stable and very popular feature for iOS developers who published their apps in AppStore, promo codes were unavailable for iBookStore until now. I confess I was a bit confused on how to use these promo codes, since there is no … Read more

Steve Jobs

This is a post I never really wanted to write. We all knew it’s gonna happen at some point. But as long as he was still alive, there was still a chance that his spark will continue to ignite something. And I diligently waited to see more and more sparks. Now Steve Jobs is dead. … Read more

Mariner Promo Code – May 2011

If you’re like the vast majority of people, perhaps you’re celebrating Labor Day right now. By resting, that is, not by working, like other people. I won’t give names, but you know who they are 🙂 Well, good for you, because after you’ll get back home for this well deserved holiday, there will be something … Read more

iAdd version 1.3 Live In AppStore

After only 5 days of waiting, iAdd version 1.3 is live in AppStore. As I already wrote, this version features a complete redesign of the iPad version and a lot of small usability improvements, as well as numerous bug fixes. If you don’t know what iAdd is, I will briefly tell you that it’s my … Read more