Placebo, Nocebo And The World At Large

placebo and nocebo

We all know what the placebo effect is: if you’re told you’re getting a good medicine, you’re getting better, even if in the medicine is just some inactive compound mixed with sugar. What is less known, though, is that there is a counterpart of this, called the “nocebo” effect. If you’re told you’re going to … Read more

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

It may be that the memory of the last marathon is still very fresh – it’s been just 3 days since I finished it. Or it may be that I’m once again caught in a whirlwind of intricacies that I have to solve, papers that I have to obtain, deadlines that I have to meet, … Read more


When I was a I kid, I was fortunate enough to spend my holidays in the country side, at my grandparents’. It was a true countryside, we didn’t have running water, and in the first few years we didn’t even have electricity. We used to make light with a gas lamp, and heat with woods. … Read more

The Stranger From Ten Years Ago

Today it has been a proper Sunday. I didn’t have a real, settled and cozy Sunday in months. Probably half a year, if I really think about it. It was either loading up on more work, researching the move in another country, preparing for the move in another country, testing the move in another country … Read more