Mister Wilford Is Dead

I recently started to watch Snowpiercer on Netflix. I don’t know how I missed it so far, because it’s one of the most thought-provoking series I watched lately. Granted, sometimes the acting isn’t as great as the script, although Jennyfer Connelly does a great job, but even with those minor glitches I enjoy it a … Read more

Showing Up Every Day For One Year

That’s it. I made it. I published every single day an article on this blog for an entire year, this is the last one. What started on January 1st, ends on December 31st. It’s done. How do I feel at the end of this challenge? Good question. I don’t feel very different from the beginning … Read more

2021 Monthly Recap – December

December feels like half a month. I say “feels” and not “felt” because we still have 2 and a half more days from it, yet I decided to write the recap already. It feels like half a month for a few reasons. First of all, it’s the first time in maybe the last 5 years … Read more

2021 Monthly Recap – November

November was a pivotal month. Not necessarily in the “upwards pivoting” way, as expected after a very promising October, getting ready for a breakthrough on so many levels. Nope, it was more like “ups, you still have work to do, get back from the unicorn now” way. Like I wrote before, in November I traveled … Read more

2021 Monthly Recap – October

In October, the summer was over, and time for reaping the results of what I tried to plant in the previous months finally came. October was a month filled with action, with increased confidence and with some pretty interesting milestones. One of them was the first official marathon since the pandemic started. It was an … Read more

2021 Monthly Recap – September

September was also a good month. There were a few plans that were overlapping, and going back through my posts I can clearly see them. The first plan was about training for the marathon that was about to take place in October. Not too much time left, just around the corner, so I started to … Read more

2021 Monthly Recap – August

August was a very productive month. Not necessarily in terms of writing, although I consistently wrote abut the base topics on this blog, but mostly in terms of how life unfolded after I settled in. During August I decided to register for my first marathon since Covid-19 clusterfuck turned the world upside down, the Lisbon … Read more

2021 Monthly Recap – July

July was a settling month. A little bit of routine settled in, but I also allocate time for more exploration. Many a posts from this month are about direct experiences had in the new city, like Do Electric Scooter Grow On The Streets and Thinking Outside Of The Loyalty Card. But I had time for … Read more