We have a new face!

I just thought it was time for a change, so I changed the theme! Quite obvious for anybody who reads me through a browser, and not via a RSS feed. The theme is a heavy customisation of the pragmatic theme , and it’s a quite interesting approach. I like the clean presentation, although the underlying … Read more

Which programming language are you?

Well, I’ve been writing PHP code for about 9 years now, back from its 3rd version – and I was one of the beta-testers for PHP 4.0 – but according to this test it seems that I am no longer a PHP fella, but an assembler guy. Never wrote a single line of assembling in … Read more

Review: Tips and Tricks for Productivity

So, I took the bait and now I will respond to Simonne Matthew from alltipsandtricks.com, in exchange for her third “Rolling Blogroll” review. One word before we start, though: I do think that reviewing other blogs in reciprocal ways is not only a good and decent method to get more links to your blog, but … Read more

I’ve been tagged: why I blog?

Lyman Reed, from CreatingABetterLife.net, just tagged me with one of the simplest, yet extremely chalenging memes: why do I blog? I do have to come out with 5 answers for that, and then I do have to have another 5 persons to tag for myself… Without further ado, here it is: Because I enjoy writing. … Read more

The currency of the Internet

Back in 1996, when I first surfed the web, the Internet was just a network. Now, it’s a complete world. A world of worlds, actually. Have you ever wandered what is the currency of the Internet? What makes it move every day, every hour, every minute, every second? If there is a world, there have to be money. Or a form of money, a currency, something that you exchange for your basic needs every day.

I had to ask this question in a more serious manner these days. I was in the 2000 bloggers project, actually I am still in, even with a little mashup. For those of you who lived on Mars for the last week, there was a project started by Tino Buntic, in which he created a random window of the blogosphere, by making a photo wall of the faces of 2000 bloggers. Nothing evil, after all. But what followed was completely unexpected. Each and every blogger, proud to be in that nice face-wall, put the collage in his blog. Which exploded into a 2000 link block to other 2000 blogs. That they had another 2000 links and so on. The link factor got crazy.

Technorati had to review their link ranking policy, and, to be honest, that was the exact moment when I realized that something was wrong. Or not totally clear. Or just a little foggy. And then it hit me: the link is the currency on the internet. It is the only thing that make it grow and live each and every second. This is the blood that actually runs through the internet veins.

The 2000 bloggers was just an inflation. An unexpected boost of the currency on the market, with no tangible coverage. It’s the same with real life inflation, when you just print out money without coverage. In this case, of course, there is a coverage, but we’ll talk about that later.

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The 6 Thinking Hats Of Your Blog

So, you’re blogging, huh? Congrats, that’s one of the most enjoyable activities nowadays. But is also one of the most rapidly changing and evolving. Blogging has passed the “is that just another hype on the internet?” test and is mature enough to be considered an industrious type of activity. So, you can define attainable goals and success for those goals, like in any other economical driven activity, like computer production, book writing or food processing. It’s formal. And can be formalized.

Quicksilver – blogging with WordPress by email

So, once again we are on our path for tremendous discoveries of what your Mac can do, when properly assorted with a powerful application. This time we’ll talk about something more complicated than just launching an application, as fast and as useful that could be. We will talk about a way of blogging while you’re working, or, in order to show to the people that we know the buzz, we will show you the “desktop twitter”, a way to actually blog whenever you want, whatever you want, with the minimum amount of effort.

We will blog by email, using Quicksilver. But that sentence took more for you to read than the actual action of blogging by email with Quicksivler will.

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