My first 100 days of blogging

Today I have 100 days since I started this blog. It’s my second blog, but the first one in English. It was an enjoyable experience so far, and I think it is just the beginning. Here’s some statistical stuff about my first 100 days as an English blogger: 1. In the first three months I … Read more

More Blog Content – The Series

In the last (almost) 100 days, since I started this blog, I realized I wrote stuff following several patterns. Some of them were assumed, like the fact that this blog is – primarily – about GTD and productivity, some of them just emerged from the blogging activity itself. It’s very interesting to see how the blog content … Read more

Is Your Blog Readable?

But of course, you may answer. This is the reason I built this blog, so people can read it. Well, it’s not always and entirely like this. Writing in a readable way is somehow difficult. Don’t think at talent or gift right now, because it’s not about that. Although it might be possible to mimic … Read more

We have a new face!

I just thought it was time for a change, so I changed the theme! Quite obvious for anybody who reads me through a browser, and not via a RSS feed. The theme is a heavy customisation of the pragmatic theme , and it’s a quite interesting approach. I like the clean presentation, although the underlying … Read more

Which programming language are you?

Well, I’ve been writing PHP code for about 9 years now, back from its 3rd version – and I was one of the beta-testers for PHP 4.0 – but according to this test it seems that I am no longer a PHP fella, but an assembler guy. Never wrote a single line of assembling in … Read more

Review: Tips and Tricks for Productivity

So, I took the bait and now I will respond to Simonne Matthew from, in exchange for her third “Rolling Blogroll” review. One word before we start, though: I do think that reviewing other blogs in reciprocal ways is not only a good and decent method to get more links to your blog, but … Read more