Midnight Inbox teaser

The guys from Midnight Inbox, the most polished Mac GTD I’ve ever seen (and this is about how it actually looks, not about how it actually performs) announced today a little teaser about what to expect from Midnight Inbox 1.1 version. Things are shaping pretty well, and I already saw some goodness, like “the dock … Read more

My first 100 days of blogging

Today I have 100 days since I started this blog. It’s my second blog, but the first one in English. It was an enjoyable experience so far, and I think it is just the beginning. Here’s some statistical stuff about my first 100 days as an English blogger: 1. In the first three months I … Read more

More Blog Content – The Series

In the last (almost) 100 days, since I started this blog, I realized I wrote stuff following several patterns. Some of them were assumed, like the fact that this blog is – primarily – about GTD and productivity, some of them just emerged from the blogging activity itself. It’s very interesting to see how the blog content … Read more

Is Your Blog Readable?

But of course, you may answer. This is the reason I built this blog, so people can read it. Well, it’s not always and entirely like this. Writing in a readable way is somehow difficult. Don’t think at talent or gift right now, because it’s not about that. Although it might be possible to mimic … Read more

We have a new face!

I just thought it was time for a change, so I changed the theme! Quite obvious for anybody who reads me through a browser, and not via a RSS feed. The theme is a heavy customisation of the pragmatic theme , and it’s a quite interesting approach. I like the clean presentation, although the underlying … Read more