Optimize For What’s Necessary

Technology optimizes for performance. Business optimizes for profit. Biological evolution optimizes for survival. Spirituality optimizes for compassion (non-aggression). How does this work out in real life? Performance Optimizations To be successful, any technology must optimize for performance. That means running the same process with less energy, in less time, or with greater accuracy. Take computers, … Read more

Digital Scarcity

There’s a lot of talk these days about “digital scarcity”, in the context of blockchain and NFTs. Because now we can access content protected with our cryptographic keys, on decentralized databases, instead of accessing them with password stored on centralized servers, the predominant train of thought is that we can create “true ownership”. And because … Read more

Emotional Stability

Yesterday, Bitcoin crashed. Again. If you’re new to crypto, this event is similar with a stock market crash. The price goes down very fast, triggering all sorts of mechanisms which only add to the velocity. The end result: about $2.6 billions wiped out in account liquidations. In simpler words: people who trusted the price will … Read more

The Limitations Of DAOs

Yesterday’s article about countries versus DAOs sparked a bit of interest. I got a couple of interesting reactions via email (yeah, I have a bi-yearly newsletter, meaning I sent it when I remember). As I was answering to them, I realized there’s a direction which I didn’t explore on this topic. Namely, what’s happening if … Read more

Generative NFTs

I know the title is a bit cryptic (pun intended, as it relates to a crypto-currencies related product) but nevertheless is interesting. And not that complicated. Bear with me, it will be fun. If you read my bog for a while, then you know what NFT stand for: Non-Fungible Tokens. And NFT is a representation … Read more