Why Programmable Money In A Slow Delegating Society Is A Bad Idea


Bitcoin paved the way towards money outside the traditional minting processes. It’s for the first time in a long time when governments are losing their grip on money. Up until now, printing “money” was the delegated privilege of the ruling structures. This decoupling is obviously creating disturbances, and the powers are reacting. On top of … Read more

Flattening The Curve

flattening the curve

I don’t even know if this qualifies as clickbait. I understand that the title may have stirred some feelings inside of you (and depending on which side you place yourself on the Covid-19 spectrum, these feelings may be reassurance or anger), but I assure you, the blog post has (almost) nothing to do with the … Read more

Frugality And Financial Resilience


Frugality lowers entropy, and that supports, in the long run, financial resilience. Now, I’ve said. Two big words in one sentence. I mean, one big word, “frugality”, and a ginarmous concept, “financial resilience”. Let’s try to take them one at a time. Frugality is the skill of living simple, without going overboard, but without going … Read more

Algorithmic Business

algorithmic business

A few weeks ago I wrote about algorithmic emotions, or how the way information is propagated is influencing our daily lives. Today I want to write about a specific event (it’s a piece of news in the law / financial / regulatory area) that, although being somehow linked to algorithms, has a much better potential. … Read more