Voulez Vous Learn Una Idioma Noua?

If you understood the title above from the first read, congratulations. If you didn’t, let’s break it down in each language that I’m hinting at. Voulez vous apprendre une langue nouvelle? Would you like to learn a new language? Quieres apprender una nueva idioma? Vre?i s? înv??a?i o limb? nou?? I will continue now in … Read more

Presence, Patience And Frustration

Very briefly put, presence, patience and frustration are the most important ingredients of my learning processes. And by learning processes I understand a very large category of activities, like learning a new language, learning to play the guitar, learning to adjust and adapt in a new country (location independence), learning to manage your money (financial … Read more

The Benefit Of Spanning Multiple Realities

If you think this post is about psychedelics or other types or tripping, tough luck. It isn’t. It’s about more mundane, yet orders of magnitude more important ways to span multiple realities. First one is on the temporal axis. Second one is on the space axis. In simpler words, you span multiple realities on your … Read more

Oversimplifying Versus Analysis Paralysis

Entropy is a wonderful concept. It measures the degree of disorder or randomness in a system. If you really think about it, being able to measure how messy something is it’s actually mesmerizing. Because if we know how fucked up things are, we can also have a rough idea about the effort required to get … Read more

Opportunity Management

The mainstream approach towards opportunity is that it’s a very rare event, and it should be prioritized when it happens, maximizing any potential outcomes. While I wholeheartedly agree with “maximizing any potential outcomes” I do think there are a few thoughts worth pondering on the first part of the definition. What Is Opportunity? Very briefly … Read more