Location Independence Versus Digital Nomads – 3 Key Differences

About 10 years ago I became what is now known as a digital nomad. About 3 years ago I became location independent. While both approaches are fulfilling and obviously more enjoyable than a fixed life, there are some significant differences between them. Let’t take them one at a time. Working From Anywhere Versus Being Able … Read more

Once Upon A Time

Let me tell you a story. In Ruzafa, one of Valencia’s trending neighborhoods, there was a small restaurant called Kana Makhan. I wouldn’t know about it if it wasn’t for a digital nomad meetup that ended there. One of the meetup’s goals was a continuous exploration of Valencia’s night out scene, and we were trying … Read more

The Random Post

Every once in a while, I get to a point where there’s a bit of balance. The major pain points have been addressed, there’s a backlog of stuff that can wait to be further processed and, generally speaking, there’s not much left to be done for the day. This tends to happen more often than … Read more