Six Months Of Writing Every Day – Checkpoint Six Of The 365 Days Writing Challenge


Today I accomplish 6 months of publishing an article every day on this blog. Technically, it’s not “writing every day”, but more like “publishing every day”, because, especially in the beginning of this challenge, I was also scheduling articles in advance, for two, three days. Nevertheless, it hasn’t been one day without a new article … Read more

It’s Not A Question Of Black And White

In the last few weeks I advised a couple of friends about switching countries. They were making their first steps towards location independence. The conversations were very pragmatic, they were looking after specific, technical information, like what type of fiscal residence it would be more suitable, or what health coverage you get under certain setups, … Read more

Location Independence Versus Digital Nomads – 3 Key Differences

About 10 years ago I became what is now known as a digital nomad. About 3 years ago I became location independent. While both approaches are fulfilling and obviously more enjoyable than a fixed life, there are some significant differences between them. Let’t take them one at a time. Working From Anywhere Versus Being Able … Read more

Once Upon A Time

Let me tell you a story. In Ruzafa, one of Valencia’s trending neighborhoods, there was a small restaurant called Kana Makhan. I wouldn’t know about it if it wasn’t for a digital nomad meetup that ended there. One of the meetup’s goals was a continuous exploration of Valencia’s night out scene, and we were trying … Read more