Friday Evening, A Week Before Christmas

The city is slowly preparing for holidays. It’s not too crowded, but not deserted as it was last year. Just normal, I guess. The Christmas lights are flooding the central neighborhoods, creating small, intricate spirals of flashes, fading as the streets are entering less touristy areas. Scattered groups of young people are gathering in front … Read more

Somewhere Between The Limbic Brain And The Pre-Frontal Cortex

Sundays are for coffee and chilling. Mostly. Because sometimes, during these coffee and chilling mornings, a sparkling conversation can ensue. That’s exactly what happened today. As I was enjoying my Sunday morning coffee, a daily ritual I try to follow (almost) religiously, a friend came in the same coffee shop. We never met there, but … Read more

We versus I

“The more groupthink you see involved, the farther from the truth you actually are.” Naval Ravikant In his latest podcast, Naval Ravikant ponders how scientific breakthrough occurred in our history. It was always coming from an individual, independent effort, and not from a structured, community-driven initiative. A community-driven initiative would be, for instance, what we … Read more