Discipline versus Motivation

Discipline is boring. Discipline is not spectacular. Discipline is discrete, silent, hard and annoying. Motivation is exciting. Motivation is spectacular, shareable, inspiring. Motivation is exhilarating. Reaching any important goal in your life cannot be done with only one of these approaches, though. You cannot get from a certain level to the next one only with … Read more

The Chevalier In The Supermarket

The year is 1448 and the city is Berlin, Germany. Although the proper name, at that time, for this settlement, should probably be Berlin-Colln. An eclectic conglomerate of peasants, guilds members and freshly made aristocracy, where the second emperor of the Margraviate of Brandenburg, Frederick II Irontooth, decided to start the construction of his new … Read more

The Next Revolution Will Be Technological, Not Ideological

During the last 2-3 years, a certain social trend became more and more visible. A mix of far right and traditionalism, spreading around the world and popping in places you’d never thought something like this will ever exist. In Europe, Hungary and Poland (and, coming strong from the backyard, Romania too) are slipping into an … Read more

100 Ways To Live A Better Life – 23. Find Reasons To Love Your Life

Maybe life was not fair with you. Yes, I know, I’ve been there: life is never fair. But it’s fantastic. It’s unique, unrepeatable, one of a kind, beautiful, simple, challenging, sweet, hard… Just take a step back and find reasons to love your life. Love it for your friends or for your “enemies”, love it … Read more