Movie Review – Cowboy Bebop

cowboy bebop

Lately, I’m enjoying movies. Last week was also spent mostly inside, so I had to find alternative pastimes. I didn’t give too many chances to Cowboy Bebop, the only reason I clicked was that it looked weird, colorful and somehow cringe. A Sci-Fi set in a weirdly jazzy future, in which all the planets on … Read more

Movie Review: The Wheel Of Time

I must be the last person on Earth who didn’t watch Game of Thrones. Just reading that again, and I realized it will look great on a teeshirt. I might actually make one someday. So, that tells you how much I’m into fantasy series. Not to be confused with science-fiction, of which I am quite … Read more

Movie Review: The Squid Game

I’m not very quick to jump on hyped movies or tv shows. I remember I saw Titanic 3 years after it was launched. La Casa de Papel, probably after 2 years. So, when The Squid Game appeared on Netflix, I wasn’t very keen to watch it. I briefly looked at the trailer, but didn’t get … Read more

Clarkson’s Farm – A Review

You may remember Jeremy Clarkson from the days of Top Gear, a car show mixing (obviously) cars, humor, sarcasm and weird ideas. But he’s way more than that. A journalist, writer, TV host and a few other roles, Clarkson has become a quite popular public person, albeit a bit controversial (which I like, to be … Read more