First Thing In The Morning

first thing in the morning

Have you ever had a day that unfolded seamlessly, almost without any effort from your part? Like, you know, everything clicked into places, you arrived on time where you had to arrive, your coffee was just as hot as it needed to be and you finished each and every task you wanted to finish, just … Read more

The Time To Grow


If you put a seed in the ground, and you check it out the next day, there’s nothing there. If you look at it after two days, same, nothing yet. Third day, nada. Depending on the seed, you may see a tiny sprout only in about a week, or sometimes even after a month. This … Read more

Modern Dragon Slayers


Sometimes, during the Middle Ages, the inhabitants of a small village would wake up in the morning seeing their crops burned to the ground. Some stranger then would come in the village big square and tell that the crops were burned by a giant dragon, with huge wings, spitting fire. For a certain fee, or … Read more

A Little Bit Of Rest

a little bit of rest

I have a really hard time resting. When I get into “work mode” I summon all the resources available in the moment and keep pushing forward. Obviously, it’s not unusual that I very often have to face a hard reset – either voluntary, or involuntary. There is probably more than one cause for this behavior. … Read more

Free Falling

free falling

Today didn’t start spectacularly, but it may end so. For the last few weeks I’ve been in between worlds, with one end of the old world disappearing (relentlessly helped by me, finishing commitments one after the other), and the other end, of the new, emerging world, not yet appearing, stubbornly staying elusive, uncatchable. In simpler … Read more