Getting Things Done

getting things done

Today was a mixed day. There’s less than half an hour until it ends, and I still didn’t publish my daily article, so I’m rushing it a little. I know it won’t be a spectacular blog post. It may not even be read by anyone, and that’s ok. It’s still part of my 365 days … Read more

Finding The Center

finding your center

The last year has been challenging for all of us. But it was challenging in different ways. For those of us leaning into fear, it created more fear. For those of use trying to live life mostly with courage, it generated frustration (because we had to obey to a fear-leaning majority) and it fueled change. … Read more

Learning How To Learn

learning how to learn

When I got into digital nomading, and later on, into the broader topics of location independence and financial resilience, a consistent part of my approach was to learn new skills. For instance, skills that allow you to generate income without being tied up to an office, or to a fixed place. I still think learning … Read more