Encapsulated Emotions

encapsulated emotions

30 years ago, I was a student, living in one of the campuses in post-communist Bucharest, named Grozavesti. The so-called Romanian Revolution, in which Ceausescu was executed after a brief trial, was barely over, and the country was in chaos. It took about 18 years until Romania made it into the European Union. And, off … Read more

The Anatomy Of A U-Turn

You drive on a normal day, on a normal road, at a normal speed. Suddenly, the road in front of you seems to abruptly end. Sometimes you see a building when the road should be, or a forest, or the sea. That’s when you realize you are approaching a U-turn. I like U-turns. Probably because … Read more

Autumn Season

There’s something about autumn that I like a lot. I’m not enjoying it, but I deeply resonate with it. It’s hard to describe, because it’s not a feeling, although it triggers feelings. It’s more like a process, an unseen, yet very present alchemical transformation that it’s going on continuously, in silence. The most visible part … Read more

Breathe In, Breathe Out

This is the most underrated life hack, IMHO. Breathing in and out, consciously, without any attachment to the process, is the easiest, most affordable way to avoid stress and keep your mind clear. If you want to attach to it some nice, exotic words, like “meditation”, “awareness”, “self-centering”, by all means, do it. But it’s … Read more

Ok, Done, What Next?

It may seem the title of this article is completely random. Just an out of context question, making absolutely no sense. And yet, this is the most fundamental thing you should do after you finished something. You finally reached that goal? Ok, done, what next? You finally ran your first marathon? Ok, done, what next? … Read more

Skills You Didn’t Need 150 Years Ago, But You Need Now

The world moves at an incredible pace. We already ran out of letters to denominate generations, with Gen Z. (to name the future ones, we will probably use global events, like the “Covid generation”). This speed brings incredible civilization advancements, from technology to medicine, but it also brings very serious challenges. Although we are living … Read more