Minding Your Own Business At Home? You May Unintentionally Entertain Someone (While Making Someone Else Rich)

surveillance camera

IoT, or Internet of Things, is, in theory, a beautiful thing. For instance, your fridge may be connected to the Internet, and, with a little bit of tweaking, it can even replenish itself, by automagically order some milk, if it sees you ran out of it. But hey, there’s a catch. It’s called security. When … Read more

The Effort Of Understanding

the effort of understanding

I am fortunate enough to have discovered long distance running in my forties. I ran my first marathon when I was 42 and my first ultra 2 years after that. In the following years I finished races longer than 100km, and then even 200km. Beyond the adrenaline rush, and the psychological benefits of stretching your … Read more

Shifting Focus

shifting focus

Focus creates your reality. That’s a very simple observation, you don’t need a PhD in quantum physics to know that whatever you focus on, grows. It so follows that, in order to change your reality, you would be better off by working on your focus, and not on the external circumstances. It is a bit … Read more

Smiling On A Gloomy Day

smiling on a gloomy day

As I was getting ready for today’s article – for those of you not knowing, I’m on a 365 days writing challenge – I had a quick look at the latest posts. And I instantly got depressed. It looks like all I’m doing is getting frustrated at the worryingly increasing levels of authoritarianism – along … Read more