If Something Works Out The Way You Wanted It, You Don’t Get Bragging Rights


I mean, it’s ok to enjoy, but claiming too much personal contribution to any project, or goal, isn’t very accurate. Yet, we have this tendency to brag, even ingenuously, about the things we did, about our accomplishments, about our successes. I call this tendency “post success bias”. It’s like after everything actually worked out, we … Read more

Exactly 9 Years Ago

… I finished my first marathon. On October 7 2012, beaten and bruised, still overweight, I was crawling towards the finish line of what eventually became the start of my new life. I finished 42km for the first time ever, just a month before my 42nd anniversary, in 5 hours and 20 minutes. Looking back, … Read more

Almost November

It is indeed almost November (well, at least 4 weeks until then) but that’s not what I’m referring to with the title. That’s how my first song is called, Almost November. I know it’s way too audacious to call it a song, but I did spend a few hours yesterday searching for the best course … Read more