My Top 7 Demotivating Habits

demotivating habits

In the subtle fabric of our day to day routine, every now and again we allow some red stripes to mingle in. Sooner or later, those stripes will unweave the whole mechanism. I’m sure you’ve experienced it too: the day goes on fabulously, everything falls into places, and then, apparently out of nowhere, some small, … Read more

How Goal Setting Works (For Me)

Goals are just milestones. Places where you stop for a while and enjoy the scenery. The trip is what gives you the ultimate thrill, and it will always be like this. But, as interesting as the trip may be, goals have their own importance. They can either add more awesomeness to the mix or make … Read more

How to Assess, Decide, Do with Pen, Paper and Magnets

Since I launched my ebook “Assess – Decide – Do: Natural Productivity” a little more than a month ago, many people have asked me if they need an iPhone or an iPad in order to implement the framework. While the fact that I wrote an app implementing the framework, called iAdd, is true, equally true … Read more

Are You Copy Pasting Your Life?

Do you know what copy paste is? Of course you do, you must be reading this article on your computer right now (or laptop, or iPad or iPhone), hence you do have a moderate knowledge of how to use it. In fact, everybody knows what copy paste is nowadays. And everybody uses it big time. … Read more

Tempered Steel

Ever witnessed how steel is tempered? I really doubt that, because this is usually happening at very high temperatures, under very specific conditions, in places where a regular guy can’t enter without special clearance. I had a chance, when I was younger, to witness such a process. Although it was a very intense experience at … Read more