Action versus Reaction

Acting is what makes you happy, reacting is what makes you miserable. Whenever you act, you perform a conscious choice, you decide you’re going to do that thing. You become responsible. But when you react, you follow somebody else’s choice, you’re responding to an external stimulus. You’re not responsible anymore, you leave the responsibility to … Read more Action versus Reaction

7 Symptoms You’re Heading For A Burnout

burnout woman

Striving every day to become better is not an easy job. It’s not a joy ride, or a walk in the part. It’s hard work. And hard work wears you out. If you’re not balancing this hard work, sooner or later you’ll hit a wall. You’ll reach a state called “burnout”. I know you know … Read more 7 Symptoms You’re Heading For A Burnout

Using Anchors To Reach Your Inner Power

What’s the best part of your life? You know, the one filled with excitement, thrill and accomplishment? I’m sure you must have one. A period in which everything you did counted and every single action was magically followed by solid, long-lasting positive effects. You do have such a part in your life, everybody has it. … Read more Using Anchors To Reach Your Inner Power

100 Ways To Live A Better Life

How to live a better life is what we all think and want, each and every second. You don’t like your life? Change it! Change your life for the better! Don’t have any clue on how to do it? Here’s a list of 100 actionable tips. (This post is a response from a challenge I … Read more 100 Ways To Live A Better Life

Starting To Exercise

Seems like August is my favorite month for personal development challenges. Last year, on August 4h I started my raw food diet, which lasted for more than 9 months. After my trip to Japan, in April, my raw food diet ended and you can read more about that in the post raw food diet blog … Read more Starting To Exercise

Solving The Wrong Problem

One of my oldest memories as a child is cleaning the house. I remember clearly how I started to use a broom – which seemed like a giant toy – and how I slowly gathered together piles of dust from all areas of our small apartment. It was something new and exciting. Although I was … Read more Solving The Wrong Problem

Post Raw Food Diet

As some of my readers already know I was on a raw food diet for 9 months. I wrote “I was” because in the last 3 months I decided to quit this diet. In today’s post I’ll explain the reasons behind this decision as well as some of the most important consequences of this change. … Read more Post Raw Food Diet

Finding Reasons To Agree

What’s your reaction when somebody is telling something you don’t like? Is it unconditionally “Yes”? Is it unconditionally “No”? It’s something in between? Do you usually find reasons to agree or to disagree? I ask because finding reasons to agree seems to be one of the most difficult mindsets these days. We seem to be … Read more Finding Reasons To Agree