Starting From Scratch

starting from scratch

Every once in a while we get a hard reset (the biggest of them is also the last one, but that’s a story for another article). I’m talking about those hard resets we’re getting every few years. Being forced to start a new job, embracing a new relationship, or, if we’re talking about the entire … Read more

Healing Hurts

healing hurts

In an ideal world, we will all be happy. Unfortunately, such a world doesn’t exist. We live here, in this world, filled with challenges, problems, always changing, always shifting. And in this world, when we take a hit, we’re not always healing immediately. As a matter of fact, we seldom heal immediately. Most of the … Read more

Managing Expectations

managing expectations

I’ve been wanting for a long time to write about expectations. I find them a source of both suffering and happiness, depending on how you’re, well, managing them. Expectations are part of our life, wether we like it or not. Unless we’re in Nirvana, fully detached from Samsara, and immersed in the now, we’re all … Read more