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Well, it’s been a while since I haven’t wrote a single line in this blog. More than a 9 months, if I’m not wrong. I have been very busy with the projects in my company, and also with some lobbying for the local Romanian market. Hopefully, most of this it’s done now, and, at least … Read more

Living Life Like A Holiday

We all love holidays, isn’t it? Usually we only need the sound of the word itself to wake up in our brain pleasant emotions and nice memories. But did you ever wondered what if we could live our entire life as a holiday? Sounds interesting, at least for me, and I’ll try to show you … Read more

Accepting Your Dark Side

It’s only by spotting your shadow when you see the direction of light. We’re human beings, and our structure is made from both light and darkness. This is one of the most important things we need to accept about our own nature. Each part plays its role and ignoring any of them could lead to … Read more

GTD as a downshifting tool

Downshifting is a good thing. As one of the bloggers who haven’t blogged for the last few weeks, I can assure you that downshifting is good for your health. I’m not going to explain what downshifting is, I’m sure that a whole library couldn’t give you an exact idea, but I will tell you how … Read more

7 Things I Learned From My One Year Old Girl

As some of you may recall, I have a one year old girl. These days I was in the fortunate position of spending more time with her. And, while playing and preparring meals and feeding her, it just hit me: I have learned a tremendous amount of stuff from her, during this last year. So … Read more

The reality within: beating Sundays

We talked several days ago about the Reality Within, the way your memories and habits are dictating your actual behavior. Let’s make it a little more exact, let’s talk about a specific reality: the Sundays reality. You have inside of you all the memories of your Sundays: since you were a baby, since you were … Read more

The Reality Within

All your habits, all your memories, all your knowledge, information and learned processes are forming a reality. Your reality. It’s your own interpretation of the world, it’s how you see things, and how you react to them. It’s what I call the reality within. Why “within”? Because, most of the time, this reality has nothing … Read more